Maclaren Art Centre Barrie Wedding // Alisha + Noah ♥

I felt especially grateful when my friends, Alisha and Noah, asked me to photograph their wedding day. I’ve known Alisha and Noah for years and I can honestly say that these two make an awesome pair. They are easy-going, outgoing, down to earth, friendly, hilarious and most importantly, totally in love. Anyone who knows them, knows that they laugh often and their dimples are adorable.

It called for rain and a lot of it, on the wedding day. I came prepared with umbrellas, boots and towels, but we totally lucked out and the rain didn’t come until after the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful. Alisha aka “creative lady,” because I hate the word crafty, designed every aspect of the day. From the wagon strewn with flowers, that carried their little girl down the aisle, to the place cards made from logs. Nothing was overlooked and all the details were appreciated.

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-30 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-31 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-32 Noah-get-ready MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-37 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-38MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-45

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-47MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-58MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-72 Alisha-get-ready MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-111 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-119 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-124

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-164 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-154 Ember

The first look was in-front of an old door, at the MacLaren Art Centre. Noah waited for Alisha and as she approached, she wrapped her arms around him. It was pure magic when Noah held Alisha’s arms and kissed her hand. A beautiful moment, that I’m so happy was caught.

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-2 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-4



EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-209first-look-kissFrom the moment Noah turned to see his bride, they both looked at each other with pure love and admiration. They were so impressed with each other, that they both did a little twirl. Their sense of humour, is only a fraction of what makes these two hearts beat as one. Congratulations Alisha and Noah!



EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-310 EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-315

EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-281 EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-305trees-1

Alisha-flowers Noah-bowtie

Alisha-Noah-EmberAlisha-bridesmaids-1MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-824ring-bearersMacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-377 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-378


MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-916 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-492MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-967MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-498

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-966 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-510 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-512MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-612 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-640 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-656 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-736


Many thanks to the vendors:
Stationery Design: Vistaprint
Makeup: Sephora Orillia Square Mall
Hair: ID Hair Studio
Cake: Family friend, Carol Gaffoor
Venue: The MacLaren Art Centre
Photographer: Everyday Deelights

Maternity + Newborn Shoot // Baby Logan

Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-2Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-3 One of the many reasons I love shooting a maternity to newborn session, is to see the change in a growing family. I love capturing the excitement for the arrival of a new baby and the beauty of pregnancy. Not all women feel their best when they are pregnant, heck not many of us do! But I can’t tell you how important it is to capture those moments. I guarantee you will be happy you did. Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-5
Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-7 Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-12 Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-14Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-16Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-18Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-19I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this growing family in the comfort of their own home. They had beautiful natural light streaming through their bedroom (which I love). Photographing families in their home can be so much fun. Not only is it different from the studio shots, but you get to see people in their natural element. This is often best when photographing children. They feel more comfortable, they can be themselves and they have all their toys at home! =) Makes a huge difference. Don’t get me wrong, the studio shots are great, but I love at home shots the most!Newborn-shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-69Newborn-shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-78Newborn-shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-82This is one of my favourite shots of the new baby, Logan! He had a head full of dark, fuzzy hair! Soooo cute! He kept giving me those little looks, what a little heartbreaker. Avery, the eldest was so sweet with Logan. Like always, she worked the camera! ;) Thanks for inviting me into your home, to capture these beautiful memories of your family. xoNewborn-shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-97Newborn-shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-101

Skyloft Wedding // Brooke + Chris ♥

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but this couple needed no extra luck. When Brooke and Chris asked me to shoot their wedding, I knew I was in for a treat. I’ve known Brooke since high school and she was always an easy-going, loving and caring person. I also had the pleasure of shooting their son, Bentleys newborn pics, so I knew exactly how cool this couple was.

The day didn’t start with sunshine, birds chirping and bright fall leaves, like most fall brides dream of, but that didn’t bother Brooke and Chris. When I arrived at Brooke and Chris’ house the morning of the wedding, Brooke was upstairs getting little Benny ready for the big day. She was so calm and just excited to be marrying the man she loved. The weather didn’t even phase her. Brooke was more concerned with me having fun! Great client, eh?

When we arrived at Skyloft for the wedding, the staff was ready with massive umbrellas helping guests from their cars. Skyloft made the transition from a beautiful outdoor wedding, to a beautiful indoor wedding seamless! They were so helpful and kind and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

After the ceremony the rain stopped for a few minutes and we were able to get a few portraits and a group shot, just before it started to pour again. Everyone ran back inside to the party and the night went off without a hitch.

The wedding was filled with laughter, happiness and most of all love. I couldn’t be happier for Brooke, Chris and their perfect little guy Benny. They have all the sunshine they need.

Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-163Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-2Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-187 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-174Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-3 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-226 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-12 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-9 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-6 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-14 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-18 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-19 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-20 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-21 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-27 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-29 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-30 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-33 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-37 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-44 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-48 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-43 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-51 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-46 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-54 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-56 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-60 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-71 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-65Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-76 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-85 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-87 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-95 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-98 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-103 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-111 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-114 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-118 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-120 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-122 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-127 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-129 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-132 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-146 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-133 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-140 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-135 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-149 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-154 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-157

Georgian Bay Lakeside Wedding // Katie + Chris ♥

I had the pleasure of shooting my friends Katie and Chris’ wedding a few weeks ago. The ceremony took place on the picturesque beaches of Georgian Bay, with the mountains and lake as our backdrop. The wedding came to be with only a few months of planning! Katie and Chris used their mad talent to design their own unique stationery and personalized every little bit of the wedding. You know I love good branding! With the love, help and generosity from friends and family, the Sweatman wedding was a perfect day.

Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-3 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-7 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-9 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-15 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-16 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-17 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-23 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-24 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-25 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-29 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-30 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-32 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-33 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-36 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-39 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-40 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-47 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-48 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-51 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-53 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-55 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-56 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-57 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-60 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-64 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-65 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-67 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-70 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-72 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-73 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-75 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-80 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-81 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-82 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-83 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-87 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-90 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-92 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-94 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-98 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-99 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-100 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-104 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-109 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-110 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-118 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-126 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-128 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-129 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-130 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-132 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-152 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-156 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-173 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-178 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-180 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-188 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-190 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-193 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-195 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-197 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-200 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-206 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-209 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-215 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-269 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-281 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-293 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-326 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-331 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-343 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-350 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-352 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-360 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-364 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-374 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-380 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-406 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-410 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-433 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-463 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-469 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-472 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-480 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-503 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-510 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-527 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-535 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-574 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-579 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-606 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-623 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-630 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-645 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-646 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-656 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-657 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-658

Katie and Chris were so very fortunate to have friends offer their cottage, to host the event. And a lovely cottage it was! The location was the perfect spot for two very outdoorsy people, who met on the hills of Georgian Peaks (the very hills that were our backdrop). The wedding was simply elegant, natural, serene, beachy and most importantly full of love! Did I mention laughter? I don’t think I have ever met two more hilarious people than Katie and Chris. You can tell from the photos that their amazing personalities shine right through.

Thank you so much Katie and Chris for letting me photograph your special day and making me laugh and cry.

Venue: Thanks to the W’s for their beautiful cottage
Officiant: Brian Goodings
Caterer: Sustenance Catering
Rentals: Four Seasons Rentals
Photographer: Everyday Deelights

The Manor Wedding // Margaret + David ♥

I’ve known Margaret and David for years. Margaret, my sisters best friend, asked me about shooting her wedding over a year ago. I was so excited to be apart of their big day. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Margaret grow up with my sister and I’ve also seen her and David’s relationship grow from high school sweethearts into a happily married couple.

We had a great time on their engagement shoot last summer and I knew their wedding would be just as fun. Margaret and David are a very sweet and loving couple and it showed on their wedding day. I was able to capture their love and I’m ashamed to admit how many times I teared up at the wedding. It was a beautiful Italian wedding filled with family, friends, two little nonnas that made my heart melt and the sweetest little ring bearers!

Thank you Margaret and David for allowing me to capture this beautiful day. The Manor was the perfect place to host your wedding, surrounded by nature, a pond and two lovely swans.

Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-9 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-20 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-32 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-36 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-122 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-142 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-145 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-154 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-188 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-207 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-262Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-255 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-723Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-279Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-294 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-301 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-304 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-315 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-348 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-376 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-445 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-452 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-583 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-585 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-593 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-602 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-622 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-651 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-655 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-661 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-664 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-665 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-686 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-693 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-708 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-730 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-744 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-747Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-777

Many thanks to the amazing team who made this wedding come to life…
Stationery Design: Everyday Deelights
Design: Posh Stylings
Makeup: Kristen Saxton
Hair: Cynthia’s Hair Design
Cake: Mario’s Bake Shop ( Nobelton)
MC: S4 Entertainment by Peter and Pauls Wedding
Venue: The Manor
Photographer: Everyday Deelights

Baby Dylan’s Newborn Photoshoot

I have so much love for this adorable family. Rachel and Daniela have been coming to me for their family photos, for the past few years and I love getting to watch their little one Carter grow up. He’s such a handsome little guy and now they have a lovely little girl!

Dylan was such a sweetheart! Another six pounder and totally alert. She started to nod off towards the end of her shoot. She had the cutest little wrinkles in her forehead and her eyes were so pretty, just like Carters.

Congrats Daniela and Rachel, can’t wait to watch your new addition grow up!

Baby-Dylan-Newborn-Photographer-Brooklin-1 Baby-Dylan-Newborn-Photographer-Brooklin-15 Baby-Dylan-Newborn-Photographer-Brooklin-22 Baby-Dylan-Newborn-Photographer-Brooklin-31 Baby-Dylan-Newborn-Photographer-Brooklin-48 Baby-Dylan-Newborn-Photographer-Brooklin-65 Baby-Dylan-Newborn-Photographer-Brooklin-72 Baby-Dylan-Newborn-Photographer-Brooklin-77 Baby-Dylan-Newborn-Photographer-Brooklin-90 Baby-Dylan-Newborn-Photorapher-Brooklin-57

Le Grand Lodge Wedding // Emily + Jesse ♥

Emily contacted me over a year ago based on the work I did at another wedding. She wanted me to be her wedding photographer and I couldn’t be more delighted! I also had the pleasure of designing her wedding stationery. I love being apart of the creative process of a wedding. It was so much fun to see her vision come together.

The wedding weekend took place at Le Grand Lodge, located in Mont Tremblant. Nestled between a beautiful green forest and a picturesque lake, friends and family gathered to celebrate their love. It was the perfect day. Thank you Emily and Jesse for being such an easy-going, awesomely fun couple and for allowing me to capture your special day. You really are such a great pair!

Many thanks to the amazing team who made this wedding come to life…
Stationery Design: Everyday Deelights
Planner: Daniele Bouchard
Design: Fusion Decor 
Florist: Jardin des Cérès
Makeup: Katie Lynn Cosmetic Artistry
Hair: Hair Love by Kate
Cake: La Bergandoise
Wedding Venue: Le Grand Lodge
Photographer: Everyday Deelights


Baby Ellie’s Newborn Photoshoot

I was so lucky to be asked to shoot baby Ellie’s newborn pics. A little 6lb bundle of joy, Ellie was determined to stay awake and not miss a thing! I like to call this F.O.M.O. aka Fear Of Missing Out. lol I know a lot of babies like this….my son for example.

Ellie was such a sweetheart, just like her mom and boy does she ever look like her. I’m so excited for mom and dad on their first baby. Congrats!


Toronto Music Garden Wedding // Janna + Carl ♥

I was honoured to capture the magic and fairytale love of Janna and Carl. The day started with a little rain, but then cleared up as their pictures started in the beautiful Toronto Music Garden. I had no idea that this garden existed on the Toronto waterfront. It was the perfect place to take the couples photos, as they already live by the waterfront, not to mention Janna’s amazing singing talent. After all, she did play Maria, in Toronto’s production The Sound of Music!

That’s not all though, the couples love for theatrics and fantasy, played a role in their wedding attire. All guests were required to wear some type of flare to their wedding. Janna wore fairy wings, which caught the light beautifully among the fairylike atmosphere of the gardens. It was a magical day indeed! Congrats Janna and Carl.

Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-1 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-22 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-30 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-42 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-49 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-51 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-53 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-56 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-70 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-83 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-89 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-95 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-97 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-106 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-109 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-139 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-205 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-238 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-263 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-329

Many thanks to the amazing venus who made this wedding come to life…

Wedding Pictures: Toronto Music Garden
Wedding Venue: Yankee Lady boat cruise in Toronto
Photographer: Everyday Deelights

Welcome Baby DAYCEN!

Daycen-newborn-announcementThis post has been a long time coming. I had a baby boy almost 6 weeks ago!

My life has completely changed and I am learning to adjust, hence the really late birth announcement! ha

I couldn’t be more happy with this little guy. He is everything to me. It’s crazy how much you can love someone in such a short amount of time. I constantly stare at him to make sure that he’s real! It still shocks me that he is mine. He looks so much like his father too. I don’t see a lot of me in him yet, but I’m sure that will change.

The love I have for my husband has grown ten fold. It’s amazing to see him turn into a daddy and kiss Daycens little head everyday. It really is the most beautiful thing to watch. He’s been such a great help and such an understanding husband. Believe me, there have been some struggles adjusting to no sleep and 14 diaper changes a day! I am not exaggerating. I envy those of you that have babies that will sleep for 3 hours straight. None of that for me….yet.

I just wanted to share some cute shots I took of him at one week old. It’s funny actually, after all the newborn photoshoots I’ve done, photographing my son was the most difficult! He was way more fussy than any other baby I’ve photographed and he just hated being put down. I know….he’s such a mommas boy. : / Scared face. All in all, I still got some cute pics when he settled down.

I am looking forward to watching this little boy grow and get a personality. So very, very thankful for this precious gift. =)2014-Newborn-Daycen-8 2014-Newborn-Daycen-11 2014-Newborn-Daycen-16

2014-Newborn-Daycen-28 2014-Newborn-Daycen-31