After Shoot Water Series, Kawarthas // Catherine + Vince

I really enjoy having after sessions with my clients. It allows them to slow down, relax and take it all in. The wedding jitters are gone and they can get a little more adventurous in their surroundings. Don’t get me wrong, I love adventure on a wedding day, but for those couples having a more traditional wedding, an after session can be a really fun thing.

Catherine and Vince had a beautiful wedding, but they also wanted to get some photos of them enjoying some of their favourite spots, in the Kawarthas. Our first stop was a small chapel that held a special place in Catherine’s heart. The chapel held a stained glass window, in memory of her late Grandfather. It was very special.

after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-360 after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-2-3stained-glass

We followed the road to a quaint winery, where they sipped some wine and we wandered the property. I highly recommend it. =)

after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-357after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-121 after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-141wineafter-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-129after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-136-2dog waiting at door


The day ended with a visit to Catherine’s families cottage, on Mississauga lake. Catherine and Vince entered the water and everything became magic. The way they held eachother and melted into eachothers arms was really beautiful to watch. There’s something about the layers of a white dress, under water. It has this very mysterious feeling to it. It really can’t be put into words. I want to shoot in water everyday….seriously it was the best.


after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-152after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-149bride groom in forest kissing

after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-200-2 after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-223








Bluffers Park Engagement Session // Diana + Chris ♥

They met in high school, when Diana drove to school in her mom’s Suburban. The car was on it’s last legs and started to smoke in the school parking lot. Chris saw the smoking car and walked over to check it out. He told Diana to bring the car over to the school shop and he would see if he could fix it. Nothing more became of this encounter, until years later, when Diana saw Chris at a friends house party. She recognized him as the guy that helped her with her mom’s smoking car and that’s what sparked up their conversation. She admitted that she wouldn’t have approached him, had she not recognized him. That night, she drove some friends home, as well as Chris. Her best friend and her boyfriend, told Chris he should ask Diana out, because they were both short! So he did! Chris asked Diana out and years later he admits that he saw a pretty girl in trouble. So here they are today, engaged! You could say the smoking Suburban brought them together. I suggested they have it at their wedding….

Diana and Chris met me for their engagement session at Bluffers Park, in Scarborough. We walked around the waterfront and explored the beach. It was great watching these two interact behind the camera. Chris would bring out these little smiles and laughs in Diana. He made her feel at ease and she did the same for him. The way he wrapped his arms around her and she cuddled in, was so natural and adoring. I love it when couples let go and be themselves, you really get to see the beauty and love that makes them work.

I feel grateful that I was able to capture these special moments. This is why I love what I do. Congrats Diana and Chris!

Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-5 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-11 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-25 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-38

Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-2 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-55 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-70 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-76 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-77 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-83 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-85Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-112 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-114Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-1 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-95 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-104 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-117 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-122 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-131 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-137 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-142 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-145 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-154 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-157 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-159 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-162 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-164 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-165 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-167 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-169 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-173 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-175