St.Isaac Jogues Church Wedding // Catherine + Vince ♥

I had the pleasure of working with Catherine + Vince on their wedding day. They are some of the sweetest people that I’ve ever met before! From day one, we connected and I’m so glad to call them my friends.

Catherine and Vince went to the same highschool and officially met at a friends house in 2008, but it wasn’t until a Jack and Jill in 2009, that the two of them connected again. Catherine remembers that Vince took her out on an awkward date with his family, for his dads birthday. In the new year of 2010, they were officially dating and you can call the rest history!

The ceremony was held at St.Isaac Jogues, surrounded by family and friends. When Catherine appeared in the aisle, with her parents on either arm, Vince teared up. It was touching and I will admit I teared up behind the camera. His smile was wide and loving and you could see how excited they were to finally embrace each other.

Their portraits were taken at Petticoat Creek. The trees and the bridge overlooking Lake Ontario, felt perfect for some quiet reflection and more intimate photos.  As soon as we finished their pictures and got in our cars, it started to pour! Talk about perfect timing!

The evening concluded with a huge reception at The Estate Banquet and Event Centre, in Toronto, where Catherine and her father, surprised guests with a choreographed dance. Friends and family sang, danced and celebrated.

Congrats Catherine and Vince and thank you for letting me capture that beautiful day. xo

A huge thank you to my second shooter Jeannette Breward, for assisting me on that hot day! xo

StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-1grandpa-dyptic-1StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-5 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-7groom-get-readyStIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-10groom-get-ready-2groom-drinksStIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-16-2groom-grandmaStIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-20 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-21-2StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-22


willow-tree StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-128


StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-177 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-178 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-182 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-179 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-170 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-168 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-184 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-183-2 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-186

Ceremony Venue: St.Isaac Jogues Church
Reception Venue: Estate Banquet and Event Centre
Second Shooter: Jeannette Breward
Main Photographer: Everyday Deelights


Bluffers Park Engagement Session // Diana + Chris ♥

They met in high school, when Diana drove to school in her mom’s Suburban. The car was on it’s last legs and started to smoke in the school parking lot. Chris saw the smoking car and walked over to check it out. He told Diana to bring the car over to the school shop and he would see if he could fix it. Nothing more became of this encounter, until years later, when Diana saw Chris at a friends house party. She recognized him as the guy that helped her with her mom’s smoking car and that’s what sparked up their conversation. She admitted that she wouldn’t have approached him, had she not recognized him. That night, she drove some friends home, as well as Chris. Her best friend and her boyfriend, told Chris he should ask Diana out, because they were both short! So he did! Chris asked Diana out and years later he admits that he saw a pretty girl in trouble. So here they are today, engaged! You could say the smoking Suburban brought them together. I suggested they have it at their wedding….

Diana and Chris met me for their engagement session at Bluffers Park, in Scarborough. We walked around the waterfront and explored the beach. It was great watching these two interact behind the camera. Chris would bring out these little smiles and laughs in Diana. He made her feel at ease and she did the same for him. The way he wrapped his arms around her and she cuddled in, was so natural and adoring. I love it when couples let go and be themselves, you really get to see the beauty and love that makes them work.

I feel grateful that I was able to capture these special moments. This is why I love what I do. Congrats Diana and Chris!

Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-5 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-11 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-25 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-38

Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-2 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-55 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-70 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-76 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-77 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-83 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-85Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-112 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-114Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-1 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-95 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-104 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-117 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-122 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-131 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-137 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-142 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-145 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-154 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-157 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-159 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-162 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-164 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-165 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-167 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-169 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-173 Bluffers-Park-engagement-session-Diana-Chris-175

Skyloft Wedding // Brooke + Chris ♥

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but this couple needed no extra luck. When Brooke and Chris asked me to shoot their wedding, I knew I was in for a treat. I’ve known Brooke since high school and she was always an easy-going, loving and caring person. I also had the pleasure of shooting their son, Bentleys newborn pics, so I knew exactly how cool this couple was.

The day didn’t start with sunshine, birds chirping and bright fall leaves, like most fall brides dream of, but that didn’t bother Brooke and Chris. When I arrived at Brooke and Chris’ house the morning of the wedding, Brooke was upstairs getting little Benny ready for the big day. She was so calm and just excited to be marrying the man she loved. The weather didn’t even phase her. Brooke was more concerned with me having fun! Great client, eh?

When we arrived at Skyloft for the wedding, the staff was ready with massive umbrellas helping guests from their cars. Skyloft made the transition from a beautiful outdoor wedding, to a beautiful indoor wedding seamless! They were so helpful and kind and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

After the ceremony the rain stopped for a few minutes and we were able to get a few portraits and a group shot, just before it started to pour again. Everyone ran back inside to the party and the night went off without a hitch.

The wedding was filled with laughter, happiness and most of all love. I couldn’t be happier for Brooke, Chris and their perfect little guy Benny. They have all the sunshine they need.

Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-163Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-2Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-187 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-174Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-3 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-226 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-12 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-9 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-6 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-14 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-18 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-19 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-20 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-21 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-27 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-29 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-30 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-33 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-37 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-44 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-48 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-43 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-51 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-46 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-54 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-56 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-60 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-71 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-65Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-76 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-85 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-87 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-95 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-98 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-103 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-111 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-114 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-118 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-120 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-122 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-127 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-129 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-132 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-146 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-133 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-140 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-135 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-149 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-154 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-157

Toronto Music Garden Wedding // Janna + Carl ♥

I was honoured to capture the magic and fairytale love of Janna and Carl. The day started with a little rain, but then cleared up as their pictures started in the beautiful Toronto Music Garden. I had no idea that this garden existed on the Toronto waterfront. It was the perfect place to take the couples photos, as they already live by the waterfront, not to mention Janna’s amazing singing talent. After all, she did play Maria, in Toronto’s production The Sound of Music!

That’s not all though, the couples love for theatrics and fantasy, played a role in their wedding attire. All guests were required to wear some type of flare to their wedding. Janna wore fairy wings, which caught the light beautifully among the fairylike atmosphere of the gardens. It was a magical day indeed! Congrats Janna and Carl.

Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-1 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-22 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-30 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-42 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-49 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-51 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-53 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-56 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-70 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-83 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-89 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-95 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-97 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-106 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-109 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-139 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-205 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-238 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-263 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-329

Many thanks to the amazing venus who made this wedding come to life…

Wedding Pictures: Toronto Music Garden
Wedding Venue: Yankee Lady boat cruise in Toronto
Photographer: Everyday Deelights

Oh Canada!

2013-Canada-DayI just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Canada Day long weekend. It has been a busy weekend for my husband and I. He just returned home from a work trip in Sweden, on Saturday I was in my friend Allison’s wedding and let me tell you it was the most beautiful wedding ever! More on the location and pictures to come. Yesterday, we took it easy by the pool (I burnt by back) and today I am staying in my pj’s and watching movies. Hope you are relaxing and spending time with family and friends. There aren’t enough long weekends in this country! xoxoxo

Moody Mondays // 27

Moody-Mondays-officeYou know you haven’t made a blog post in a while when you can’t remember your password to sign into your account! I got the official, “you haven’t made a post in a month,” message from WordPress last night! I felt so guilty that I couldn’t sleep. ha ha

I feel like I have a good excuse for my lack of blog posts though. This month I moved into my little farmhouse in the country. I have been de-cluttering, unpacking and cleaning like a crazy woman. Not to mention still working and doing my freelance photography on the side. It’s been busy, but today is my first day actually working in my new home office.

The office is not finished yet, it’s still pretty jam packed with stuff. I hope to have completed organizing it in the next few weeks…we will see. I have to say though, so far the day has been going great. My view is literally overlooking a farmers field. I see my garden right through my window and I get to see tons of bicyclists ride by. It has a really relaxing, and tranquil feeling to the space.

The image of the cacti and farmersfield is a shot from my window. I love that chair from West Elm. I won’t buy it cause I am too cheap, but I will be on the lookout for something similar as a desk chair. The funny thing is that I already have 3 desk chairs, but I need something stationary, because my office has such a slop that they start to roll away while I’m sitting there! ha ha Oh the quirks of living in a house that’s over 100 years old!

Well, I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday. Back to the grind!

everyday deelights photo / 2 / 3

Bar Cart Round-Up // 1

BCR-1I’ve got something special for you today! I’ve decided to start a new column talking about what I am loving…drink wise. I have been working on somewhat of a bar cart round-up at my 9-5 job and I thought, hey, why not share something similar with my readers! Anyways, this drink, which I like to call the Creamsicle, is fabulous! You really have to try it! I swear my girlfriends and I drink this all the time. I’ve gotten everyone hooked on this little number. it’s perfect for the long weekend and those warm nights on the dock…Enjoy!

// Ingredients
4 ice cubes
splash of Pinnacle Whipped Vodka
1/4 shot of regular vodka
1/2 glass of Trop50 orange juice
1/2 glass of cold spring water
Grapefruit slice if ya want!

// Directions
1. Add ice to glass
2. Pour splash of Pinnacle Whipped Vodka over ice
3. Pour in the 1/4 shot of regular ol’ vodka
4. Fill half the glass with Trop50 orange juice
5. Fill remaining half of glass with cold spring water
6. Mix, drink and be sooooo happy!

Moody Mondays // 21

moody-mondays-houseIt’s been a crazy past few weeks to say the least. My husband and I are in the process of selling our house! Well at least the part where we decide we should clean it and then list it. ha ha Honestly though, selling your house can be super stressful, especially if you don’t know where you are going to live next. This illustration up top put a smile on my face. It reminds me of the country and a little place that we are thinking of moving to. It’s really all up in the air right now, but I thought I’d let you in on my mood right now. I’m feelin’ kinda country…well maybe not too country, but somewhere with some trees and open fields. I’ve never been in love with the city, except for the restaurants. So moving further north seems like the right move. A lot more exciting things will be happening in the next few months and right now the country just makes sense. Happy Monday!

1 / 2 / 3

Over the weekend I…

This post is tad late since I did all of this cool vintage shopping last weekend. I had such a great weekend hitting up the rummage sales with my sister and going to the Junction Flea with my friend Shevon. I found a bunch of cute things at the Junction. Check out that vibrant 1950s(ish) desk light. I found the perfect spot on my bedroom night table. The colour is perfect and for $5 you can’t go wrong. The enamel “E” and “D” had my name written all over it, quite literally. It’s funny because I have been looking for placemats and when I saw those old school children’s chalkboards, I knew they would be perfect. Now I can tell my husband exactly what I want, cause you know I ain’t cookin’! Just kidding, I cook…sometimes. Finally I found some old stamps. I can’t resist an 8, since that’s my lucky number. If you want to check out the Junction Flea, make sure you stop by for there next show this November. You won’t want to miss out on all the great treasures. It will take place at The Great Hall. Their new indoor location.

photography + designs by everyday deelights

Over the weekend I…

Went apple picking with my family! Every year the family and I head north of Toronto and pick apples. It’s a tradition, just like cutting down our own Christmas tree. We went to Watson’s Farm, in Bowmanville. It was great because you got to take a wagon ride to the apples. Here are some shots from the weekend. I love this time of the year…not just because it’s my birthday month. haha

I’m planning on making two apple pies this weekend, for our Canadian Thanksgiving. I am making the pies using a secret Taylor family recipe. It’s one that was passed down to me from my husbands grandmother. I try and switch up the apples sometimes. This year I am going to try one pie using Cortlands. They are great baking apples. Here’s to hoping it works out!