The Manor Wedding // Margaret + David ♥

I’ve known Margaret and David for years. Margaret, my sisters best friend, asked me about shooting her wedding over a year ago. I was so excited to be apart of their big day. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Margaret grow up with my sister and I’ve also seen her and David’s relationship grow from high school sweethearts into a happily married couple.

We had a great time on their engagement shoot last summer and I knew their wedding would be just as fun. Margaret and David are a very sweet and loving couple and it showed on their wedding day. I was able to capture their love and I’m ashamed to admit how many times I teared up at the wedding. It was a beautiful Italian wedding filled with family, friends, two little nonnas that made my heart melt and the sweetest little ring bearers!

Thank you Margaret and David for allowing me to capture this beautiful day. The Manor was the perfect place to host your wedding, surrounded by nature, a pond and two lovely swans.

Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-9 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-20 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-32 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-36 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-122 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-142 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-145 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-154 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-188 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-207 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-262Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-255 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-723Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-279Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-294 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-301 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-304 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-315 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-348 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-376 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-445 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-452 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-583 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-585 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-593 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-602 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-622 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-651 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-655 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-661 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-664 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-665 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-686 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-693 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-708 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-730 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-744 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-747Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-777

Many thanks to the amazing team who made this wedding come to life…
Stationery Design: Everyday Deelights
Design: Posh Stylings
Makeup: Kristen Saxton
Hair: Cynthia’s Hair Design
Cake: Mario’s Bake Shop ( Nobelton)
MC: S4 Entertainment by Peter and Pauls Wedding
Venue: The Manor
Photographer: Everyday Deelights


Moody Mondays // 23

Georgiana-Vinsun-LukeI am back from Europe and have totally been procrastinating at posting. I had an awesome time and feel rested, but boy did I walk my face off. This painting by Georgina Vinsun pulled me out of my funk and made me want to get back into the groove of things. The bright pops of colour remind me of fireworks . Many of her paintings remind me of sheet lightening and the awesome colours that it creates. Stay tuned for pics of my trip! Happy Monday.


Over the Weekend I…

over-the-wknd-Banff-1Banff, Alberta has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Every year I plan a trip there to visit my cousin. She lives just outside of Calgary with her husband and beautiful new daughter. Not only is it a great excuse to visit my family, but I get to see the Rockies and go snowboarding! I always have such a great time and don’t want to come home. Here are some pics of the mountains this past weekend. over-the-wknd-Banff-2

We usually go snowboarding at Sunshine Park and stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. That hotel is one of my favorites. If you stay there, go to the outdoor hot pool. It has an unbelievable view of the mountains. They also have a really fun and hidden ice rink at the back of the hotel (by the restaurant). We often go back there and grab a pan from the shed and go tobogganing! You should also take the tour of the hotel. It’s haunted ya know!

We had a great time on the hills and even though there wasn’t as much snow as usual, it was still amazing! One thing you need to do when you go to Banff, is get a Beavertail. If you don’t know what this is, look it up. They are flattened long pastries (in the shape of a beavertail) it’s sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice. Amazing!over-the-wknd-Banff-3

As you can see, I am pretty much in love with this place. Banff, is a real breath of fresh air! You are surrounded by nature and beauty. Keep your eyes open for moose and Elk!

Over the weekend I…

I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have such amazing girlfriends. A few weekends ago, I went to my friends cottage, for a girls weekend in Collingwood. It was a cold and rainy weekend, but we love to chat! We cozied up to a “real” fire and sipped on Bengal Spice Tea. So yummy. If you haven’t tried it, try it! Thanks ladies for another wonderful girls weekend. Love you all!

photography by everyday deelights

Moody Mondays // 10

Hello Monday, thanks for waking me up so early. I really appreciate it. Okay, maybe I’m a little cranky today. Hope your having a nice and warm morning. Not I. I woke up this morning with the distinct feeling that winter was coming. Hey, I love winter, but I am just not ready for it. These lovely images helped though…

photo / pattern