Pickering Lifestyle Maternity Shoot // Lesley + Jason

I love it when friends ask me to do their portraits. They feel more comfortable in front of the camera and we talk like I’m not really there. 😉 I’ve known Jason and Lesley for years and when they asked me to photograph their baby bump, I couldn’t be more excited. Lesley and Jason are going to be awesome parents. They are some of the sweetest people I know and not so bad looking, eh? lol

Their little guy is due soon and I can’t wait to capture some more images with them and snuggle that little guy. Congrats Lesley and Jason, you’ve got this! xo

Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-3 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-7-2 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-11 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-13 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-18maternity-Lesley-windowPickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-26 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-28-2 maternity-babies-roomPickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-34 maternity-Lesley-chair Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-39Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-42Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-59 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-53 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-61-2 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-60 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-65 maternity-couch Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-71Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-80


The Bedroom.

A little late night post from yours truly (which you will see in the am). This is what my life has come to. I am forced to make this post, while working in bed. By working I mean actual work-work. I am designing moodboards, a website and a Christmas card.

This past month has been extremely crazy busy at work. I haven’t had much time for blogging, but I came across this photo and had to make a quick post. A, because I have been working from bed for the past month and B, because I love this bedroom. I should also mention that I love working from my bed. Not sure why. I have a great office down the hall from my bedroom, but I NEVER use it. I always go to bed to work. Strange huh? Maybe it’s because I sit at a desk all day long. Not sure about that one. What do you prefer? Office, bedroom…couch?

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