After Shoot Water Series, Kawarthas // Catherine + Vince

I really enjoy having after sessions with my clients. It allows them to slow down, relax and take it all in. The wedding jitters are gone and they can get a little more adventurous in their surroundings. Don’t get me wrong, I love adventure on a wedding day, but for those couples having a more traditional wedding, an after session can be a really fun thing.

Catherine and Vince had a beautiful wedding, but they also wanted to get some photos of them enjoying some of their favourite spots, in the Kawarthas. Our first stop was a small chapel that held a special place in Catherine’s heart. The chapel held a stained glass window, in memory of her late Grandfather. It was very special.

after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-360 after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-2-3stained-glass

We followed the road to a quaint winery, where they sipped some wine and we wandered the property. I highly recommend it. =)

after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-357after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-121 after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-141wineafter-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-129after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-136-2dog waiting at door


The day ended with a visit to Catherine’s families cottage, on Mississauga lake. Catherine and Vince entered the water and everything became magic. The way they held eachother and melted into eachothers arms was really beautiful to watch. There’s something about the layers of a white dress, under water. It has this very mysterious feeling to it. It really can’t be put into words. I want to shoot in water everyday….seriously it was the best.


after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-152after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-149bride groom in forest kissing

after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-200-2 after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-223








Fashion Meets Design // 1

Happy Friday everyone! Boy do I have a fun surprise for you. Lately I have been thinking of fun ways to incorporate more fashion into my blog. I came up with the idea of introducing a fashion illustration, that is then translated into a corresponding design. It’s easy to see how art and design reflect fashion and vice versa. You often see trends on the runway and in magazines, that are reflected in design.

So without further ado, I’ve teamed up with the talented illustrator Lisa Nishimura, from Sketch & Pixel. Lisa and I have worked together before and I knew she would be the perfect illustrator to collaborate with. Lisa will be illustrating the looks and I will be designing the graphics! Check out that detail in the illustration above. She is GOOD!

For our first Fashion Meets Design post, we were inspired by the Pamella Roland RTW Spring 2013: Modern classicism line. The gown is classic and graphic. You’ll notice that her spring line includes linear shapes and has a modern edge. It’s no wonder, since Roland’s line was inspired by artist Ellsworth Kelly. See what I mean, fashion is influenced by art and design as well! The font to go with this look, is a free download, designed by David McLeod. We hope you enjoy this series, we plan on more to come!

Go ahead and grab a desktop screensaver. Or why not jazz up your iphone, or ipad?

2560 x 1440 / 1680 x 1050 / 1440 x 900 / 1280 x 800 / ipad / iphone

illustration / font / designs by everyday deelights