Maternity + Newborn Shoot // Baby Logan

Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-2Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-3 One of the many reasons I love shooting a maternity to newborn session, is to see the change in a growing family. I love capturing the excitement for the arrival of a new baby and the beauty of pregnancy. Not all women feel their best when they are pregnant, heck not many of us do! But I can’t tell you how important it is to capture those moments. I guarantee you will be happy you did. Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-5
Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-7 Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-12 Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-14Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-16Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-18Maternity-Shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-19I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this growing family in the comfort of their own home. They had beautiful natural light streaming through their bedroom (which I love). Photographing families in their home can be so much fun. Not only is it different from the studio shots, but you get to see people in their natural element. This is often best when photographing children. They feel more comfortable, they can be themselves and they have all their toys at home! =) Makes a huge difference. Don’t get me wrong, the studio shots are great, but I love at home shots the most!Newborn-shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-69Newborn-shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-78Newborn-shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-82This is one of my favourite shots of the new baby, Logan! He had a head full of dark, fuzzy hair! Soooo cute! He kept giving me those little looks, what a little heartbreaker. Avery, the eldest was so sweet with Logan. Like always, she worked the camera! 😉 Thanks for inviting me into your home, to capture these beautiful memories of your family. xoNewborn-shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-97Newborn-shoot-Brooklin-Whitby-101


Weekend Inspiration // Family

I’m always looking at websites and blogs for inspiration. I came across this site the other day, whilst on twitter. (I find a lot of great sites this way) People tend to tweet to other bloggers I follow and I like to check them out. It’s funny really, I only click on the people who have nice Twitter pics. Just a little fyi, use a bold photo, something with impact and not a lot going on. It’s visually pleasing. It stands out more and catches the eye.

Anyways onto this site. Well, it’s just awesome and so inspiring! Familie Sirkus, Family Circus in English, is about the life of a  Norwegian family of 5! They post inspiration, recipes, tips and ideas for families with children. I don’t have children yet, but if I do, I want them to grow up exactly like this. Aren’t these kids the cutest! They put family in the highest priority and believe in the playful family — because that’s when they flourish the most. This is something I’ve always believed in and going into this weekend I will spend time with the ones I love. Have a wonderful weekend and get inspired by this rockin’ family!

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