Georgian Bay Lakeside Wedding // Katie + Chris ♥

I had the pleasure of shooting my friends Katie and Chris’ wedding a few weeks ago. The ceremony took place on the picturesque beaches of Georgian Bay, with the mountains and lake as our backdrop. The wedding came to be with only a few months of planning! Katie and Chris used their mad talent to design their own unique stationery and personalized every little bit of the wedding. You know I love good branding! With the love, help and generosity from friends and family, the Sweatman wedding was a perfect day.

Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-3 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-7 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-9 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-15 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-16 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-17 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-23 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-24 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-25 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-29 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-30 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-32 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-33 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-36 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-39 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-40 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-47 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-48 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-51 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-53 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-55 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-56 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-57 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-60 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-64 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-65 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-67 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-70 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-72 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-73 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-75 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-80 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-81 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-82 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-83 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-87 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-90 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-92 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-94 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-98 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-99 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-100 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-104 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-109 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-110 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-118 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-126 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-128 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-129 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-130 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-132 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-152 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-156 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-173 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-178 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-180 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-188 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-190 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-193 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-195 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-197 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-200 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-206 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-209 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-215 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-269 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-281 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-293 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-326 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-331 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-343 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-350 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-352 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-360 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-364 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-374 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-380 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-406 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-410 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-433 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-463 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-469 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-472 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-480 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-503 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-510 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-527 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-535 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-574 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-579 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-606 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-623 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-630 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-645 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-646 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-656 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-657 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-658

Katie and Chris were so very fortunate to have friends offer their cottage, to host the event. And a lovely cottage it was! The location was the perfect spot for two very outdoorsy people, who met on the hills of Georgian Peaks (the very hills that were our backdrop). The wedding was simply elegant, natural, serene, beachy and most importantly full of love! Did I mention laughter? I don’t think I have ever met two more hilarious people than Katie and Chris. You can tell from the photos that their amazing personalities shine right through.

Thank you so much Katie and Chris for letting me photograph your special day and making me laugh and cry.

Venue: Thanks to the W’s for their beautiful cottage
Officiant: Brian Goodings
Caterer: Sustenance Catering
Rentals: Four Seasons Rentals
Photographer: Everyday Deelights


Le Grand Lodge Wedding // Emily + Jesse ♥

Emily contacted me over a year ago based on the work I did at another wedding. She wanted me to be her wedding photographer and I couldn’t be more delighted! I also had the pleasure of designing her wedding stationery. I love being apart of the creative process of a wedding. It was so much fun to see her vision come together.

The wedding weekend took place at Le Grand Lodge, located in Mont Tremblant. Nestled between a beautiful green forest and a picturesque lake, friends and family gathered to celebrate their love. It was the perfect day. Thank you Emily and Jesse for being such an easy-going, awesomely fun couple and for allowing me to capture your special day. You really are such a great pair!

Many thanks to the amazing team who made this wedding come to life…
Stationery Design: Everyday Deelights
Planner: Daniele Bouchard
Design: Fusion Decor 
Florist: Jardin des Cérès
Makeup: Katie Lynn Cosmetic Artistry
Hair: Hair Love by Kate
Cake: La Bergandoise
Wedding Venue: Le Grand Lodge
Photographer: Everyday Deelights


My Maternity Photoshoot

Hugh Whitaker-13So I just received my maternity photos in the mail today and I am so in love with them! My friend Hugh took the pics of my husband and I and we couldn’t be happier. Hugh is such a talented photographer and friend. You can check out his work here.

I really wanted an outdoor shoot and something more natural. That’s more my style than the traditional maternity pics you see around. These pics make me want to get out and shoot some more of my own maternity sessions once I have this baby! Hope you like. =)

Hugh Whitaker-20 Hugh Whitaker-31 Hugh Whitaker-36 Hugh Whitaker-39 Hugh Whitaker-48 Hugh Whitaker-50 Hugh Whitaker-55 Hugh Whitaker-61 Hugh Whitaker-66 Hugh Whitaker-79 Hugh Whitaker-86

Paris Recap

everyday-deelights-Paris-1I recently returned from my vacation to Paris and Spain and have decided to make two separate posts on each country, because I wanted to make a little video for each.

Let me start by saying that Paris was amazing and that I feel so fortunate to have such wonderful opportunities to travel. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about what they say, you know, “the city of romance.” But seriously…it was sooooo romantic there. A crepe in one hand, a bottle of wine in the other, while watching the lights twinkle on the Eiffel tower, isn’t a memory I will forget anytime soon. It was magical. You really have to experience it for yourself to know what I mean.

The food in Paris was so good. We had fresh croissants filled with chocolate and espressos daily. Well I had the espresso…Derek my husband, hates coffee. I loved the food in Paris. I have a weakness for pastries, sandwiches, crepes and of course…wine! Did you know you could buy mini bottles of wine right by the Eiffel tower? If you plan on going to Paris, you need to do that!

We also went to Frenchie, this really great wine bar. You may have heard of it before. It has been featured in New York Times and has a crazy waiting list. A tourist mentioned this place to us and told us to go to the wine bar. It’s right across from the restaurant and if you get there around 7pm, you’ll get a seat. They serve food there as well and it’s amazing!everyday-deelights-Paris-2

Since it was my first time going to Paris, we did a lot of touristy stuff and walked a ton. I love sightseeing, but sometimes it’s nice to relax and submerge yourself into a culture (minus the touristy stuff). We got to experience both, which was nice. I talk about the sights we had planned on seeing in this post. We did them all, and more!

The highlight of Paris for me, was watching the lights twinkle on the Eiffel tower with food and drinks in hand. Other highlights include, my husband surprising me with a lock to place on the famous lovers bridge, over the Seine River. That was sweet. We had fun running in and out of bars, restaurants and cheese shops, along rue Montorgueil (in the rain of course). That’s how we found L’Epicerie Restaurant. The duck was out of this world. I also loved how they had English menus and were very kind, even with our terrible French. We then stumbled upon Pont d’Arcole, the bridge in Somethings Gotta Give. You know the one, where Jack Nicholson leaves dinner with Diane Keaton and walks to a bridge where he starts to cry. I think he says, “Look who gets to be the girl.” It’s my favorite movie! Last but not least, the fondue at Chalet Gregorie Restaurant was yummy. We had fun there.

If you haven’t been, I really hope you can make it to Paris one day. It really is all it’s cracked up to be. Check out my packing post right here, if you need some help packing for your next vacay and don’t forget to watch my Paris video below. Next recap Spain…so stay tuned!

Wedding Photography // Holy Cross Church + Brookstreet

I was so fortunate to get to work with this awesome couple on their wedding photography and their wedding stationery. Elyse and Matthew got married earlier this summer and had a beautiful wedding day. Holy Cross Church, just outside Ottawa in Kemptville, was gorgeous. You could feel the history in it’s walls! You know me, I’m a sucker for old stuff. I just love locations that have a unique feel to them and this was one of them. The entire day was spectacular and the weather was perfect. Hope you enjoy the pics. I enjoyed photographing them.

It’s Magic

I am super excited to share these photos with you from my last engagement shoot. They were shot north of the city, at Camp Robin Hood. Thank you Camp Robin Hood for letting us use your camp. I have to say, this location was the perfect spot for this couple. Both active and sporty, the pond, the mini putt and the great outdoors was the ideal location. Not to mention it’s autumn! The leaves were just starting to give off their lively colours and the cornfields were golden. Magic was in the air and you could feel it. This couple is so in love and you can tell by the photos. You both look great! check out some more pics of this cute couple here