Maclaren Art Centre Barrie Wedding // Alisha + Noah ♥

I felt especially grateful when my friends, Alisha and Noah, asked me to photograph their wedding day. I’ve known Alisha and Noah for years and I can honestly say that these two make an awesome pair. They are easy-going, outgoing, down to earth, friendly, hilarious and most importantly, totally in love. Anyone who knows them, knows that they laugh often and their dimples are adorable.

It called for rain and a lot of it, on the wedding day. I came prepared with umbrellas, boots and towels, but we totally lucked out and the rain didn’t come until after the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful. Alisha aka “creative lady,” because I hate the word crafty, designed every aspect of the day. From the wagon strewn with flowers, that carried their little girl down the aisle, to the place cards made from logs. Nothing was overlooked and all the details were appreciated.

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-30 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-31 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-32 Noah-get-ready MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-37 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-38MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-45

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-47MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-58MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-72 Alisha-get-ready MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-111 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-119 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-124

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-164 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-154 Ember

The first look was in-front of an old door, at the MacLaren Art Centre. Noah waited for Alisha and as she approached, she wrapped her arms around him. It was pure magic when Noah held Alisha’s arms and kissed her hand. A beautiful moment, that I’m so happy was caught.

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-2 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-4



EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-209first-look-kissFrom the moment Noah turned to see his bride, they both looked at each other with pure love and admiration. They were so impressed with each other, that they both did a little twirl. Their sense of humour, is only a fraction of what makes these two hearts beat as one. Congratulations Alisha and Noah!



EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-310 EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-315

EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-281 EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-305trees-1

Alisha-flowers Noah-bowtie

Alisha-Noah-EmberAlisha-bridesmaids-1MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-824ring-bearersMacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-377 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-378


MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-916 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-492MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-967MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-498

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-966 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-510 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-512MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-612 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-640 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-656 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-736


Many thanks to the vendors:
Stationery Design: Vistaprint
Makeup: Sephora Orillia Square Mall
Hair: ID Hair Studio
Cake: Family friend, Carol Gaffoor
Venue: The MacLaren Art Centre
Photographer: Everyday Deelights


Welcome Baby DAYCEN!

Daycen-newborn-announcementThis post has been a long time coming. I had a baby boy almost 6 weeks ago!

My life has completely changed and I am learning to adjust, hence the really late birth announcement! ha

I couldn’t be more happy with this little guy. He is everything to me. It’s crazy how much you can love someone in such a short amount of time. I constantly stare at him to make sure that he’s real! It still shocks me that he is mine. He looks so much like his father too. I don’t see a lot of me in him yet, but I’m sure that will change.

The love I have for my husband has grown ten fold. It’s amazing to see him turn into a daddy and kiss Daycens little head everyday. It really is the most beautiful thing to watch. He’s been such a great help and such an understanding husband. Believe me, there have been some struggles adjusting to no sleep and 14 diaper changes a day! I am not exaggerating. I envy those of you that have babies that will sleep for 3 hours straight. None of that for me….yet.

I just wanted to share some cute shots I took of him at one week old. It’s funny actually, after all the newborn photoshoots I’ve done, photographing my son was the most difficult! He was way more fussy than any other baby I’ve photographed and he just hated being put down. I know….he’s such a mommas boy. : / Scared face. All in all, I still got some cute pics when he settled down.

I am looking forward to watching this little boy grow and get a personality. So very, very thankful for this precious gift. =)2014-Newborn-Daycen-8 2014-Newborn-Daycen-11 2014-Newborn-Daycen-16

2014-Newborn-Daycen-28 2014-Newborn-Daycen-31


Newborn Photoshoot // Baby Carter

newborn-photoshoot-bunny-ears-Toronto-1A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Rachel + Daniela’s new addition, baby Carter. We had a great time dressing him up in these bow ties and this adorable bunny hat that Rachel made! One day, I want to learn how to knit. I’ll add that to my to-do-list…

As you can see, Carter was giving us baby-smooch-lips all the way through this shoot. He was so cute and loved to be held. That lip gets me every time!newborn-photoshoot-bunny-ears-Toronto-2

The more and more newborn shoots I do, the more I realize how much I love them. Somehow, they put me in a state of absolute relaxation. Babies are so calming…sometimes. Thanks ladies for letting me spend time with your beautiful family!

Moodboard + Brand Refresh // Mossy Modern Vintage

kendalldonaldson-moodboardI love the branding process and putting together moodboards for my clients. This is one of my favorite steps in the design process. I recently put together the above moodboard, for my friend Kendall Donaldson’s blog refresh. She runs a fashion blog, that features a ton of her grandmother’s clothes. So cool! It was great working together and I really think that a moodboard can help you work more efficiently with your clients. Your clients are able to be apart of the design process, by collecting images with you. I use Pinterest for this part. From there, I always like to go in and add a bunch of my own images and start removing and replacing images. Really, just narrowing down the whole look and feel that we want. Once we’ve collected our images, I create a moodboard, like the one above. Normally, there aren’t many revisions to the moodboard, because we’ve spent the time getting the colours, imagery and feel just right.KendallDonaldson-website-branding

As you can see, for this brand refresh we were going for something classy, with a touch of modern, vintage. Afterall, Kendall’s blog focuses on vintage fashion, with accents of modern flare. She also wanted to make sure that her photography was showcased well, so we used a simple and clean design. Her photography is usually on location, so she usually has something going on texture-wise in her backgrounds. Therefore, I didn’t want to clutter up her sidebar with different colours and crazy fonts. That just wouldn’t be right for her look. I used a simple, sophisticated, mossy, green as her accent colour and a modern black.

You can check out the final product right here. Hope you like it!