Skyloft Wedding // Brooke + Chris ♥

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but this couple needed no extra luck. When Brooke and Chris asked me to shoot their wedding, I knew I was in for a treat. I’ve known Brooke since high school and she was always an easy-going, loving and caring person. I also had the pleasure of shooting their son, Bentleys newborn pics, so I knew exactly how cool this couple was.

The day didn’t start with sunshine, birds chirping and bright fall leaves, like most fall brides dream of, but that didn’t bother Brooke and Chris. When I arrived at Brooke and Chris’ house the morning of the wedding, Brooke was upstairs getting little Benny ready for the big day. She was so calm and just excited to be marrying the man she loved. The weather didn’t even phase her. Brooke was more concerned with me having fun! Great client, eh?

When we arrived at Skyloft for the wedding, the staff was ready with massive umbrellas helping guests from their cars. Skyloft made the transition from a beautiful outdoor wedding, to a beautiful indoor wedding seamless! They were so helpful and kind and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

After the ceremony the rain stopped for a few minutes and we were able to get a few portraits and a group shot, just before it started to pour again. Everyone ran back inside to the party and the night went off without a hitch.

The wedding was filled with laughter, happiness and most of all love. I couldn’t be happier for Brooke, Chris and their perfect little guy Benny. They have all the sunshine they need.

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