After Shoot Water Series, Kawarthas // Catherine + Vince

I really enjoy having after sessions with my clients. It allows them to slow down, relax and take it all in. The wedding jitters are gone and they can get a little more adventurous in their surroundings. Don’t get me wrong, I love adventure on a wedding day, but for those couples having a more traditional wedding, an after session can be a really fun thing.

Catherine and Vince had a beautiful wedding, but they also wanted to get some photos of them enjoying some of their favourite spots, in the Kawarthas. Our first stop was a small chapel that held a special place in Catherine’s heart. The chapel held a stained glass window, in memory of her late Grandfather. It was very special.

after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-360 after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-2-3stained-glass

We followed the road to a quaint winery, where they sipped some wine and we wandered the property. I highly recommend it. =)

after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-357after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-121 after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-141wineafter-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-129after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-136-2dog waiting at door


The day ended with a visit to Catherine’s families cottage, on Mississauga lake. Catherine and Vince entered the water and everything became magic. The way they held eachother and melted into eachothers arms was really beautiful to watch. There’s something about the layers of a white dress, under water. It has this very mysterious feeling to it. It really can’t be put into words. I want to shoot in water everyday….seriously it was the best.


after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-152after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-149bride groom in forest kissing

after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-200-2 after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-223








Discover Something

Ever since I was a little girl I was interested in the past. I loved history and looking at old things. I wanted to be an archeologist when I was younger and travel the world finding “old things.” I even wanted my bedroom decorated to look like it would in pioneer days! My great grandmother gave me her old bed frame from her childhood. It had a wooden frame and holes to put rope through, so that you could place a feather mattress on top. Yeah, it was a very old bed…we added a box spring (obviously). Anyways, till this day I still have a fascination with the past and I love to discover old buildings, antique stores, pretty much anything old!

Over the weekend my husband and I toured around our cottage area, looking at old dilapidated barns, old docks and found a nice place to have a picnic. I just love doing stuff like that. He was even nice enough to take some pictures of me! I rarely have pictures of myself. As a photographer I am always shooting others and sometimes it feels like I was never there. Strange huh? Maybe other photographers feel the same way? Boy did it feel like autumn was it in the air. It was really chilly up there. I can’t wait for the leaves to change!

The Long Weekend

I am so looking forward to this Canada Day long weekend. There’s nothing like sitting on the dock with a sangria in hand and some sunshine. These images really speak to my inner cottaging soul right now…I can see myself doing all of these things and I will!

I am also going to the new Sail store to pick up a kayak! Really excited about that.

Hope that you have a great long weekend, all you fellow Canadians. Wear red and wave your flag! Happy Canada Day!

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I also thought it would be nice to share this lil’ track with you. This is what I will be listening to on the weekend. So perfect.

Walking On Sunshine from lackingoriginality on 8tracks.