After Shoot Water Series, Kawarthas // Catherine + Vince

I really enjoy having after sessions with my clients. It allows them to slow down, relax and take it all in. The wedding jitters are gone and they can get a little more adventurous in their surroundings. Don’t get me wrong, I love adventure on a wedding day, but for those couples having a more traditional wedding, an after session can be a really fun thing.

Catherine and Vince had a beautiful wedding, but they also wanted to get some photos of them enjoying some of their favourite spots, in the Kawarthas. Our first stop was a small chapel that held a special place in Catherine’s heart. The chapel held a stained glass window, in memory of her late Grandfather. It was very special.

after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-360 after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-2-3stained-glass

We followed the road to a quaint winery, where they sipped some wine and we wandered the property. I highly recommend it. =)

after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-357after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-121 after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-141wineafter-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-129after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-136-2dog waiting at door


The day ended with a visit to Catherine’s families cottage, on Mississauga lake. Catherine and Vince entered the water and everything became magic. The way they held eachother and melted into eachothers arms was really beautiful to watch. There’s something about the layers of a white dress, under water. It has this very mysterious feeling to it. It really can’t be put into words. I want to shoot in water everyday….seriously it was the best.


after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-152after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-149bride groom in forest kissing

after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-200-2 after-wedding-shoot-Buckhorn-Catherine-Vince-223








Pickering Lifestyle Maternity Shoot // Lesley + Jason

I love it when friends ask me to do their portraits. They feel more comfortable in front of the camera and we talk like I’m not really there. 😉 I’ve known Jason and Lesley for years and when they asked me to photograph their baby bump, I couldn’t be more excited. Lesley and Jason are going to be awesome parents. They are some of the sweetest people I know and not so bad looking, eh? lol

Their little guy is due soon and I can’t wait to capture some more images with them and snuggle that little guy. Congrats Lesley and Jason, you’ve got this! xo

Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-3 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-7-2 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-11 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-13 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-18maternity-Lesley-windowPickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-26 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-28-2 maternity-babies-roomPickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-34 maternity-Lesley-chair Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-39Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-42Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-59 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-53 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-61-2 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-60 Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-65 maternity-couch Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-71Pickering-Maternity-Shoot-Lesley-Jason-80

Toronto Music Garden Wedding // Janna + Carl ♥

I was honoured to capture the magic and fairytale love of Janna and Carl. The day started with a little rain, but then cleared up as their pictures started in the beautiful Toronto Music Garden. I had no idea that this garden existed on the Toronto waterfront. It was the perfect place to take the couples photos, as they already live by the waterfront, not to mention Janna’s amazing singing talent. After all, she did play Maria, in Toronto’s production The Sound of Music!

That’s not all though, the couples love for theatrics and fantasy, played a role in their wedding attire. All guests were required to wear some type of flare to their wedding. Janna wore fairy wings, which caught the light beautifully among the fairylike atmosphere of the gardens. It was a magical day indeed! Congrats Janna and Carl.

Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-1 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-22 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-30 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-42 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-49 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-51 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-53 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-56 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-70 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-83 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-89 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-95 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-97 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-106 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-109 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-139 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-205 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-238 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-263 Toronto-Music-Garden-Wedding-329

Many thanks to the amazing venus who made this wedding come to life…

Wedding Pictures: Toronto Music Garden
Wedding Venue: Yankee Lady boat cruise in Toronto
Photographer: Everyday Deelights

Moody Mondays // 26

moody-mondays-dessert-bentoThis Monday I was drawn towards this soft and colourful palette. I love the styling and the graphic quality. It feels so fresh and summery!

Do you like sushi? I know it’s not for everybody, but I love it. Turns out that this bento box is made up of candy! How cool is that! You can check out more from this shoot right here.


I Want. I Need. // 7

2013-May-i-want-i-need-seriesI’m getting so excited to move closer to the country. I keep calling it my country home. It sounds like I’m from one of those old money families, that have summer homes…I can tell you that’s not the case! ha

I have been slightly obsessed with pinning this month. Between pinning images of home decor and plants I’d like–I have been finding a lot of cute items that I’d like to wear to go along with my new country style. Here’s a peek at what has been inspiring me lately. As you can see the colours are fresh, a little more subdued and natural looking. After all, I’m getting closer to nature, why not re-evaluate my wardrobe. It also has a bit of that 50’s / 60’s vibe to it. I am loving everything here.

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Moody Mondays // 24

Moody-Mondays-poolsideOkay, so I’m a little obsessed with these vintage poolside photos. I guess spring in Canada has been a little mean to us and I am dying to sit next to a pool…asap!

So you already know that I am moving closer to the country. What you didn’t know is that we are basically going to be renting an old house built in 1863. The house just happens to be on property that has 3 pools on it! Seriously…3 pools. I am so looking forward to some sunny morning swims and some evening dips. My bathing attire may not look as cool as the above pics, but it sure is giving me some pretty fun pool party ideas! lol

Hope you had a lovely weekend and if you live somewhere warmer, I hope that you are swimming. Some of us are freezing! Sad face. Oh and happppppppy Monday!

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I Want. I Need. // 6


I am really loving all this pink going on here and the summery feeling. I am not normally a pink person. I would say I am more of a yellow person, but something about that polka dot dress and those pink accessories really works. I am in love with that dress…I’ve seen so many expensive versions and this one is so cheap! I love cheap! I think I might need that for my trip to Spain. It might be a little too cold…but I really NEED it.

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