St.Isaac Jogues Church Wedding // Catherine + Vince ♥

I had the pleasure of working with Catherine + Vince on their wedding day. They are some of the sweetest people that I’ve ever met before! From day one, we connected and I’m so glad to call them my friends.

Catherine and Vince went to the same highschool and officially met at a friends house in 2008, but it wasn’t until a Jack and Jill in 2009, that the two of them connected again. Catherine remembers that Vince took her out on an awkward date with his family, for his dads birthday. In the new year of 2010, they were officially dating and you can call the rest history!

The ceremony was held at St.Isaac Jogues, surrounded by family and friends. When Catherine appeared in the aisle, with her parents on either arm, Vince teared up. It was touching and I will admit I teared up behind the camera. His smile was wide and loving and you could see how excited they were to finally embrace each other.

Their portraits were taken at Petticoat Creek. The trees and the bridge overlooking Lake Ontario, felt perfect for some quiet reflection and more intimate photos.  As soon as we finished their pictures and got in our cars, it started to pour! Talk about perfect timing!

The evening concluded with a huge reception at The Estate Banquet and Event Centre, in Toronto, where Catherine and her father, surprised guests with a choreographed dance. Friends and family sang, danced and celebrated.

Congrats Catherine and Vince and thank you for letting me capture that beautiful day. xo

A huge thank you to my second shooter Jeannette Breward, for assisting me on that hot day! xo

StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-1grandpa-dyptic-1StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-5 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-7groom-get-readyStIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-10groom-get-ready-2groom-drinksStIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-16-2groom-grandmaStIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-20 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-21-2StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-22


willow-tree StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-128


StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-177 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-178 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-182 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-179 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-170 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-168 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-184 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-183-2 StIsaac-Jogues-Church-Pickering-Wedding-Catherine-Vince-186

Ceremony Venue: St.Isaac Jogues Church
Reception Venue: Estate Banquet and Event Centre
Second Shooter: Jeannette Breward
Main Photographer: Everyday Deelights


Skyloft Wedding // Brooke + Chris ♥

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but this couple needed no extra luck. When Brooke and Chris asked me to shoot their wedding, I knew I was in for a treat. I’ve known Brooke since high school and she was always an easy-going, loving and caring person. I also had the pleasure of shooting their son, Bentleys newborn pics, so I knew exactly how cool this couple was.

The day didn’t start with sunshine, birds chirping and bright fall leaves, like most fall brides dream of, but that didn’t bother Brooke and Chris. When I arrived at Brooke and Chris’ house the morning of the wedding, Brooke was upstairs getting little Benny ready for the big day. She was so calm and just excited to be marrying the man she loved. The weather didn’t even phase her. Brooke was more concerned with me having fun! Great client, eh?

When we arrived at Skyloft for the wedding, the staff was ready with massive umbrellas helping guests from their cars. Skyloft made the transition from a beautiful outdoor wedding, to a beautiful indoor wedding seamless! They were so helpful and kind and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

After the ceremony the rain stopped for a few minutes and we were able to get a few portraits and a group shot, just before it started to pour again. Everyone ran back inside to the party and the night went off without a hitch.

The wedding was filled with laughter, happiness and most of all love. I couldn’t be happier for Brooke, Chris and their perfect little guy Benny. They have all the sunshine they need.

Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-163Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-2Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-187 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-174Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-3 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-226 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-12 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-9 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-6 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-14 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-18 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-19 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-20 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-21 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-27 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-29 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-30 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-33 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-37 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-44 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-48 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-43 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-51 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-46 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-54 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-56 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-60 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-71 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-65Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-76 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-85 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-87 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-95 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-98 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-103 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-111 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-114 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-118 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-120 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-122 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-127 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-129 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-132 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-146 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-133 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-140 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-135 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-149 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-154 Skyloft-wedding-Brooke-Chris-157

Georgian Bay Lakeside Wedding // Katie + Chris ♥

I had the pleasure of shooting my friends Katie and Chris’ wedding a few weeks ago. The ceremony took place on the picturesque beaches of Georgian Bay, with the mountains and lake as our backdrop. The wedding came to be with only a few months of planning! Katie and Chris used their mad talent to design their own unique stationery and personalized every little bit of the wedding. You know I love good branding! With the love, help and generosity from friends and family, the Sweatman wedding was a perfect day.

Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-3 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-7 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-9 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-15 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-16 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-17 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-23 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-24 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-25 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-29 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-30 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-32 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-33 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-36 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-39 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-40 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-47 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-48 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-51 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-53 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-55 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-56 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-57 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-60 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-64 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-65 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-67 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-70 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-72 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-73 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-75 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-80 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-81 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-82 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-83 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-87 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-90 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-92 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-94 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-98 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-99 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-100 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-104 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-109 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-110 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-118 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-126 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-128 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-129 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-130 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-132 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-152 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-156 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-173 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-178 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-180 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-188 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-190 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-193 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-195 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-197 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-200 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-206 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-209 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-215 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-269 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-281 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-293 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-326 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-331 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-343 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-350 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-352 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-360 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-364 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-374 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-380 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-406 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-410 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-433 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-463 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-469 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-472 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-480 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-503 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-510 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-527 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-535 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-574 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-579 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-606 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-623 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-630 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-645 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-646 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-656 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-657 Katie-Chris-Georgian-Bay-Wedding-658

Katie and Chris were so very fortunate to have friends offer their cottage, to host the event. And a lovely cottage it was! The location was the perfect spot for two very outdoorsy people, who met on the hills of Georgian Peaks (the very hills that were our backdrop). The wedding was simply elegant, natural, serene, beachy and most importantly full of love! Did I mention laughter? I don’t think I have ever met two more hilarious people than Katie and Chris. You can tell from the photos that their amazing personalities shine right through.

Thank you so much Katie and Chris for letting me photograph your special day and making me laugh and cry.

Venue: Thanks to the W’s for their beautiful cottage
Officiant: Brian Goodings
Caterer: Sustenance Catering
Rentals: Four Seasons Rentals
Photographer: Everyday Deelights

The Manor Wedding // Margaret + David ♥

I’ve known Margaret and David for years. Margaret, my sisters best friend, asked me about shooting her wedding over a year ago. I was so excited to be apart of their big day. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Margaret grow up with my sister and I’ve also seen her and David’s relationship grow from high school sweethearts into a happily married couple.

We had a great time on their engagement shoot last summer and I knew their wedding would be just as fun. Margaret and David are a very sweet and loving couple and it showed on their wedding day. I was able to capture their love and I’m ashamed to admit how many times I teared up at the wedding. It was a beautiful Italian wedding filled with family, friends, two little nonnas that made my heart melt and the sweetest little ring bearers!

Thank you Margaret and David for allowing me to capture this beautiful day. The Manor was the perfect place to host your wedding, surrounded by nature, a pond and two lovely swans.

Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-9 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-20 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-32 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-36 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-122 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-142 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-145 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-154 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-188 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-207 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-262Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-255 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-723Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-279Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-294 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-301 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-304 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-315 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-348 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-376 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-445 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-452 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-583 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-585 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-593 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-602 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-622 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-651 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-655 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-661 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-664 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-665 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-686 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-693 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-708 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-730 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-744 Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-747Margaret-David-Manor-Wedding-777

Many thanks to the amazing team who made this wedding come to life…
Stationery Design: Everyday Deelights
Design: Posh Stylings
Makeup: Kristen Saxton
Hair: Cynthia’s Hair Design
Cake: Mario’s Bake Shop ( Nobelton)
MC: S4 Entertainment by Peter and Pauls Wedding
Venue: The Manor
Photographer: Everyday Deelights

B is for Baby!!!!

maternity-25wksI have been MIA from this blog for a few months now. As much as I miss blogging, I have been very busy. As you may have already guessed, my husband and I are expecting our first child April 30th! We couldn’t be more excited and thankful.

I hope to get more into the blogging scene in the next few months, because I really do miss it and it has been a great way to document my life and my business. With that said, I know that a baby won’t make it any easier, but I will try my best.

In the meantime here’s a peak at my baby bump. I am almost 26wks now and I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy so far, with no morning sickness, of which I am very fortunate.

These 25wk photos were taken by myself, but I also plan on having maternity photos done by a photographer friend of mine. I just couldn’t wait to take some pics of the progress and I think they will be fun to look back on. I do so many maternity shoots towards the end of pregnancies, that it was fun to have the in-between stage. Not a bad bump, eh?

Oh Canada!

2013-Canada-DayI just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Canada Day long weekend. It has been a busy weekend for my husband and I. He just returned home from a work trip in Sweden, on Saturday I was in my friend Allison’s wedding and let me tell you it was the most beautiful wedding ever! More on the location and pictures to come. Yesterday, we took it easy by the pool (I burnt by back) and today I am staying in my pj’s and watching movies. Hope you are relaxing and spending time with family and friends. There aren’t enough long weekends in this country! xoxoxo

Moody Mondays // 27

Moody-Mondays-officeYou know you haven’t made a blog post in a while when you can’t remember your password to sign into your account! I got the official, “you haven’t made a post in a month,” message from WordPress last night! I felt so guilty that I couldn’t sleep. ha ha

I feel like I have a good excuse for my lack of blog posts though. This month I moved into my little farmhouse in the country. I have been de-cluttering, unpacking and cleaning like a crazy woman. Not to mention still working and doing my freelance photography on the side. It’s been busy, but today is my first day actually working in my new home office.

The office is not finished yet, it’s still pretty jam packed with stuff. I hope to have completed organizing it in the next few weeks…we will see. I have to say though, so far the day has been going great. My view is literally overlooking a farmers field. I see my garden right through my window and I get to see tons of bicyclists ride by. It has a really relaxing, and tranquil feeling to the space.

The image of the cacti and farmersfield is a shot from my window. I love that chair from West Elm. I won’t buy it cause I am too cheap, but I will be on the lookout for something similar as a desk chair. The funny thing is that I already have 3 desk chairs, but I need something stationary, because my office has such a slop that they start to roll away while I’m sitting there! ha ha Oh the quirks of living in a house that’s over 100 years old!

Well, I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday. Back to the grind!

everyday deelights photo / 2 / 3

Freelance Notebook // Jealousy

Freelance-Notebook-jealousySo I’ve been meaning to talk about this specific topic for some time now. The not often talked about feeling of jealousy. You know the feeling and don’t pretend that you don’t.

Heck, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been jealous. Everyone goes through jealousy at some point in their lives. Even if they don’t talk about it…which I find people don’t do often enough. When you admit that your jealous of someone, I think there’s a certain negative stigma that follows that word. This is especially true for those of us in the design world. Sometimes it’s hard to look at other designers blogs, because all you can think about is how much better their blog looks compared to yours, how successful they are, or how their life looks much more interesting than yours…. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

Lately I have been trying to focus on what’s great about me and what’s different about what I have to offer. After all everyone is unique and it would be a really boring world if everything looked the same and did the same things.

I think there are some positives to jealousy. It can push you into working harder and achieving more of your goals. It can inspire you in different ways and it can make you ask yourself “why.” Why am I jealous of this person? What is it about this that makes me jealous? On the negative side, it really can eat you up. It can lead to sadness and feelings of inadequacy.

What are some positive ways that you cope with jealousy? Here are a few of my own tricks to cope with creative jealousy (when it happens):

/ Choose to be happy for that person, they worked hard for whatever they’ve accomplished. Write them an email saying how much you enjoy their work. Trust me on this. It will make you feel good.

/ Create something completely opposite from what you see. You might discover something beautiful and unique along the way.

/ Ask yourself what is REALLY making you jealous. Write it down and then respond with positive qualities about your own work.

/ Finally write about your feelings and share it with someone. Chances are someone out there is feeling the exact same way. So be honest and share. You’ll find that your not alone.

Happy weekend everyone! Remember jealousy isn’t always a bad thing. It can be a reminder that hard work really does pay off. So stay motivated!

jealousy will eat you // by everyday deelights


Cake Smash Photoshoot // Bentley’s 1st Birthday

Bentleys-Cake-Smash-1I’ve had clients ask me what to expect at their child’s 1st birthday cake smash shoot, so I put together this example of what “usually” takes place. Toddlers have their own personalities and that’s what makes a cake smash shoot so much fun. You never know what they’re going to do.

I like to bring props to my shoots, which really helps set the tone. Props like balloons, warm the little ones up to the camera, where you can often get those playful smiles. My recent cake smash shoot featured Baby Bentley. I still like to call him a baby, because I photographed his newborn pictures and I remember him being so tiny. Here I go getting sentimental and all. ha! Anyways take a look and you’ll see the different stages of his shoot.

Bentleys-Cake-Smash-2Bentley was a little unsure about the cake at first. Like most kids, he was hesitant to touch it. Your told not to make a mess when your little and now your asked to…it can be confusing for them. Look how he’s holding out his tiny hand, offering some cake to his mommy. Love it!

Bentleys-Cake-Smash-3There it is, the happy shot! He was all smiles messing up his cake, with his Auntie in the background, playing his favorite song. Music makes a world of difference.

Bentleys-Cake-Smash-4We couldn’t stop laughing when Bentley took a bite out of the cake and made the above face. The cake was amazing, little ones just aren’t use to the taste. But it always happens, the end is near and they get tired. No more play time. They are done.

Bentleys-Cake-Smash-5Hope you enjoyed those pics and now you have an idea of what to expect at a cake smash shoot. Thanks Bentley for being an awesome model!

Over the Weekend I…

over-the-wknd-Banff-1Banff, Alberta has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Every year I plan a trip there to visit my cousin. She lives just outside of Calgary with her husband and beautiful new daughter. Not only is it a great excuse to visit my family, but I get to see the Rockies and go snowboarding! I always have such a great time and don’t want to come home. Here are some pics of the mountains this past weekend. over-the-wknd-Banff-2

We usually go snowboarding at Sunshine Park and stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. That hotel is one of my favorites. If you stay there, go to the outdoor hot pool. It has an unbelievable view of the mountains. They also have a really fun and hidden ice rink at the back of the hotel (by the restaurant). We often go back there and grab a pan from the shed and go tobogganing! You should also take the tour of the hotel. It’s haunted ya know!

We had a great time on the hills and even though there wasn’t as much snow as usual, it was still amazing! One thing you need to do when you go to Banff, is get a Beavertail. If you don’t know what this is, look it up. They are flattened long pastries (in the shape of a beavertail) it’s sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice. Amazing!over-the-wknd-Banff-3

As you can see, I am pretty much in love with this place. Banff, is a real breath of fresh air! You are surrounded by nature and beauty. Keep your eyes open for moose and Elk!