My Maternity Photoshoot

Hugh Whitaker-13So I just received my maternity photos in the mail today and I am so in love with them! My friend Hugh took the pics of my husband and I and we couldn’t be happier. Hugh is such a talented photographer and friend. You can check out his work here.

I really wanted an outdoor shoot and something more natural. That’s more my style than the traditional maternity pics you see around. These pics make me want to get out and shoot some more of my own maternity sessions once I have this baby! Hope you like. =)

Hugh Whitaker-20 Hugh Whitaker-31 Hugh Whitaker-36 Hugh Whitaker-39 Hugh Whitaker-48 Hugh Whitaker-50 Hugh Whitaker-55 Hugh Whitaker-61 Hugh Whitaker-66 Hugh Whitaker-79 Hugh Whitaker-86

Everley’s 1st Birthday // Cake Smash Photoshoot

Cake-Smash-Everley-19One of my favourite parts of my job, is photographing newborns and children. I get to see a lot of my clients babies grow into beautiful little humans. This cake smash shoot was of the lovely, little Everley. I was fortunate enough to get to photograph Everley when she was a newborn and take her portraits of her first Christmas. Now she is 1 years old! Time sure does fly by. I can’t wait to watch this one grow into a beautiful big girl. Happy Birthday Everley!



B is for Baby!!!!

maternity-25wksI have been MIA from this blog for a few months now. As much as I miss blogging, I have been very busy. As you may have already guessed, my husband and I are expecting our first child April 30th! We couldn’t be more excited and thankful.

I hope to get more into the blogging scene in the next few months, because I really do miss it and it has been a great way to document my life and my business. With that said, I know that a baby won’t make it any easier, but I will try my best.

In the meantime here’s a peak at my baby bump. I am almost 26wks now and I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy so far, with no morning sickness, of which I am very fortunate.

These 25wk photos were taken by myself, but I also plan on having maternity photos done by a photographer friend of mine. I just couldn’t wait to take some pics of the progress and I think they will be fun to look back on. I do so many maternity shoots towards the end of pregnancies, that it was fun to have the in-between stage. Not a bad bump, eh?

Moody Mondays // 29

busy-Moody-MondaysThese patterns remind me of my life (sometimes). One thing I am learning about myself as I grow older, is that I love to fill up my time. I enjoy looking at other blogs and getting a sense of how they run their business and their everyday life and I am in awe of the people, who seem to flawlessly organize their busy schedules and still make time for friends and family. It’s not easy owning your own business and creating an equal balance of work/life.

I think that for me, I have always been on the go. I’m not the type of person who has the patience to sit and work on solving a puzzle for hours, or take a weekend off to just relax. I’m the type of person who will plan a baby shower, an engagement shoot and a bbq party in the same weekend. This is what I do. I definitely take after my father in that respect. He is also owns his own business. Sometimes I feel guilty about always filling up my free time, but maybe that’s just who I am. Maybe I should just own that.


Moody Mondays // 28

moody-mondays-max-wagnerAs a photographer, I really appreciate other photographers who create a look and brand for themselves. Without a doubt, my favorite photographer is Max Wagner. Those of you who know Max, know that his style is somewhat angelic, diffused and simplistic. He often photographs his subjects with lots of open space around them and usually smaller in scale to the surroundings. I love everything about the way he shoots and how he can tell a love story. That brings me to this series of photographs. I love the simplicity of it all. It really resonates with me at the moment, as I am trying to slowly simplify my life, my work routine and get things done. It reminds me to just go for it. Happy Monday ya’ll.


Oh Canada!

2013-Canada-DayI just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Canada Day long weekend. It has been a busy weekend for my husband and I. He just returned home from a work trip in Sweden, on Saturday I was in my friend Allison’s wedding and let me tell you it was the most beautiful wedding ever! More on the location and pictures to come. Yesterday, we took it easy by the pool (I burnt by back) and today I am staying in my pj’s and watching movies. Hope you are relaxing and spending time with family and friends. There aren’t enough long weekends in this country! xoxoxo

Moody Mondays // 27

Moody-Mondays-officeYou know you haven’t made a blog post in a while when you can’t remember your password to sign into your account! I got the official, “you haven’t made a post in a month,” message from WordPress last night! I felt so guilty that I couldn’t sleep. ha ha

I feel like I have a good excuse for my lack of blog posts though. This month I moved into my little farmhouse in the country. I have been de-cluttering, unpacking and cleaning like a crazy woman. Not to mention still working and doing my freelance photography on the side. It’s been busy, but today is my first day actually working in my new home office.

The office is not finished yet, it’s still pretty jam packed with stuff. I hope to have completed organizing it in the next few weeks…we will see. I have to say though, so far the day has been going great. My view is literally overlooking a farmers field. I see my garden right through my window and I get to see tons of bicyclists ride by. It has a really relaxing, and tranquil feeling to the space.

The image of the cacti and farmersfield is a shot from my window. I love that chair from West Elm. I won’t buy it cause I am too cheap, but I will be on the lookout for something similar as a desk chair. The funny thing is that I already have 3 desk chairs, but I need something stationary, because my office has such a slop that they start to roll away while I’m sitting there! ha ha Oh the quirks of living in a house that’s over 100 years old!

Well, I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday. Back to the grind!

everyday deelights photo / 2 / 3