Maclaren Art Centre Barrie Wedding // Alisha + Noah ♥

I felt especially grateful when my friends, Alisha and Noah, asked me to photograph their wedding day. I’ve known Alisha and Noah for years and I can honestly say that these two make an awesome pair. They are easy-going, outgoing, down to earth, friendly, hilarious and most importantly, totally in love. Anyone who knows them, knows that they laugh often and their dimples are adorable.

It called for rain and a lot of it, on the wedding day. I came prepared with umbrellas, boots and towels, but we totally lucked out and the rain didn’t come until after the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful. Alisha aka “creative lady,” because I hate the word crafty, designed every aspect of the day. From the wagon strewn with flowers, that carried their little girl down the aisle, to the place cards made from logs. Nothing was overlooked and all the details were appreciated.

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-30 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-31 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-32 Noah-get-ready MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-37 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-38MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-45

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-47MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-58MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-72 Alisha-get-ready MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-111 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-119 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-124

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-164 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-154 Ember

The first look was in-front of an old door, at the MacLaren Art Centre. Noah waited for Alisha and as she approached, she wrapped her arms around him. It was pure magic when Noah held Alisha’s arms and kissed her hand. A beautiful moment, that I’m so happy was caught.

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-2 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-4



EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-209first-look-kissFrom the moment Noah turned to see his bride, they both looked at each other with pure love and admiration. They were so impressed with each other, that they both did a little twirl. Their sense of humour, is only a fraction of what makes these two hearts beat as one. Congratulations Alisha and Noah!



EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-310 EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-315

EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-281 EverydayDeelights-Alisha-Noah-wedding-305trees-1

Alisha-flowers Noah-bowtie

Alisha-Noah-EmberAlisha-bridesmaids-1MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-824ring-bearersMacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-377 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-378


MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-916 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-492MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-967MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-498

MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-966 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-510 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-512MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-612 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-640 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-656 MacLaren-Art-Centre-Barrie-Wedding-Alisha-Noah-736


Many thanks to the vendors:
Stationery Design: Vistaprint
Makeup: Sephora Orillia Square Mall
Hair: ID Hair Studio
Cake: Family friend, Carol Gaffoor
Venue: The MacLaren Art Centre
Photographer: Everyday Deelights


2 thoughts on “Maclaren Art Centre Barrie Wedding // Alisha + Noah ♥

  1. Oh my goodness, Danielle. Do you know how special, how unique, how creative, how emotionally intelligent you are???!!!!! These pictures, and your blog of them, this is truly individualistic in the best way. You have more than an eye, you have a soul that GETS what you are called upon for, and you calmly, organize-ed-ly (might be a new, Danielle-inspired word), coaxingly, joyfully put together your “human props” as Mo’s world calls them, and make magic. You are in the right place. You photograph and time capsule memories like nothing I have seen before.(and I look at all of the photobloggers you post admiringly, plus many more). I hope you are feeling proud of your work. It is very special, and very accomplished. Signed, An admirer of your early work. Julie May you grow and learn and enjoy the journey.

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