Moody Mondays // 29

busy-Moody-MondaysThese patterns remind me of my life (sometimes). One thing I am learning about myself as I grow older, is that I love to fill up my time. I enjoy looking at other blogs and getting a sense of how they run their business and their everyday life and I am in awe of the people, who seem to flawlessly organize their busy schedules and still make time for friends and family. It’s not easy owning your own business and creating an equal balance of work/life.

I think that for me, I have always been on the go. I’m not the type of person who has the patience to sit and work on solving a puzzle for hours, or take a weekend off to just relax. I’m the type of person who will plan a baby shower, an engagement shoot and a bbq party in the same weekend. This is what I do. I definitely take after my father in that respect. He is also owns his own business. Sometimes I feel guilty about always filling up my free time, but maybe that’s just who I am. Maybe I should just own that.



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