I Want. I Need. // 7

2013-May-i-want-i-need-seriesI’m getting so excited to move closer to the country. I keep calling it my country home. It sounds like I’m from one of those old money families, that have summer homes…I can tell you that’s not the case! ha

I have been slightly obsessed with pinning this month. Between pinning images of home decor and plants I’d like–I have been finding a lot of cute items that I’d like to wear to go along with my new country style. Here’s a peek at what has been inspiring me lately. As you can see the colours are fresh, a little more subdued and natural looking. After all, I’m getting closer to nature, why not re-evaluate my wardrobe. It also has a bit of that 50’s / 60’s vibe to it. I am loving everything here.

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2 thoughts on “I Want. I Need. // 7

  1. Hello from an Alt Summit classmate! Your picks make me want to pack up for a summer getaway. I’m moving soon myself – always nice to be in a new environment!

    • hello! although i made these picks with my new country life in mind…i am now thinking of taking them on a trip to Palm Springs! ha where are ya moving to? i love moving…minus the packing. =)

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