everyday-deelights-rememberingThis image makes me happy. It reminds me of growing up camping with my family. I am one lucky girl, to have grown up being close with my entire family, especially my grandparents.

My grandmother is in the hospital right now and she’s not doing so great. So this pic brought back some memories of her. When she was a young girl, her family use to take her camping and her mother, my Great Grandmother, was quite the adventurer for her time. (leading teenage tour groups up Mt.Rundle). Ever since I can remember, Grandma has always talked about growing up and having picnics and going camping. She was a country girl at heart. She’d tell me stories about raising her family and how they had many homes, but the old farmhouse in Gravenhurst, Ontario was a special place to her. You see, my grandmother never really knew how to raise animals, or how to keep a farm, but she liked the idea of it. So they had this cow and she would let it sleep inside the house. She felt guilty for leaving it outside in the cold. lol I know where I get my love of animals from!

Anyways, there’s just something about being close to nature, sleeping in a tent and cooking food outdoors with friends and family. It’s always been such a great feeling to me and maybe that’s why I am so excited to get out of the city and move closer to the country. I think it makes me feel close to her as well…



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