Moody Mondays // 24

Moody-Mondays-poolsideOkay, so I’m a little obsessed with these vintage poolside photos. I guess spring in Canada has been a little mean to us and I am dying to sit next to a pool…asap!

So you already know that I am moving closer to the country. What you didn’t know is that we are basically going to be renting an old house built in 1863. The house just happens to be on property that has 3 pools on it! Seriously…3 pools. I am so looking forward to some sunny morning swims and some evening dips. My bathing attire may not look as cool as the above pics, but it sure is giving me some pretty fun pool party ideas! lol

Hope you had a lovely weekend and if you live somewhere warmer, I hope that you are swimming. Some of us are freezing! Sad face. Oh and happppppppy Monday!

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2 thoughts on “Moody Mondays // 24

  1. Wow! 1. 1863 ? That’s amazing! Also, although I am a true city girl, I’ve always fantasized about living in the middle of nowhere, and reading and cooking and sewing amazing gowns for fun and driving ‘into town’ and sleeping in… 2. Such awesome pic choices, I love the 60’s go-go vibe 🙂

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