Moodboard + Brand Refresh // Mossy Modern Vintage

kendalldonaldson-moodboardI love the branding process and putting together moodboards for my clients. This is one of my favorite steps in the design process. I recently put together the above moodboard, for my friend Kendall Donaldson’s blog refresh. She runs a fashion blog, that features a ton of her grandmother’s clothes. So cool! It was great working together and I really think that a moodboard can help you work more efficiently with your clients. Your clients are able to be apart of the design process, by collecting images with you. I use Pinterest for this part. From there, I always like to go in and add a bunch of my own images and start removing and replacing images. Really, just narrowing down the whole look and feel that we want. Once we’ve collected our images, I create a moodboard, like the one above. Normally, there aren’t many revisions to the moodboard, because we’ve spent the time getting the colours, imagery and feel just right.KendallDonaldson-website-branding

As you can see, for this brand refresh we were going for something classy, with a touch of modern, vintage. Afterall, Kendall’s blog focuses on vintage fashion, with accents of modern flare. She also wanted to make sure that her photography was showcased well, so we used a simple and clean design. Her photography is usually on location, so she usually has something going on texture-wise in her backgrounds. Therefore, I didn’t want to clutter up her sidebar with different colours and crazy fonts. That just wouldn’t be right for her look. I used a simple, sophisticated, mossy, green as her accent colour and a modern black.

You can check out the final product right here. Hope you like it!


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