Cake Smash Photoshoot // Bentley’s 1st Birthday

Bentleys-Cake-Smash-1I’ve had clients ask me what to expect at their child’s 1st birthday cake smash shoot, so I put together this example of what “usually” takes place. Toddlers have their own personalities and that’s what makes a cake smash shoot so much fun. You never know what they’re going to do.

I like to bring props to my shoots, which really helps set the tone. Props like balloons, warm the little ones up to the camera, where you can often get those playful smiles. My recent cake smash shoot featured Baby Bentley. I still like to call him a baby, because I photographed his newborn pictures and I remember him being so tiny. Here I go getting sentimental and all. ha! Anyways take a look and you’ll see the different stages of his shoot.

Bentleys-Cake-Smash-2Bentley was a little unsure about the cake at first. Like most kids, he was hesitant to touch it. Your told not to make a mess when your little and now your asked to…it can be confusing for them. Look how he’s holding out his tiny hand, offering some cake to his mommy. Love it!

Bentleys-Cake-Smash-3There it is, the happy shot! He was all smiles messing up his cake, with his Auntie in the background, playing his favorite song. Music makes a world of difference.

Bentleys-Cake-Smash-4We couldn’t stop laughing when Bentley took a bite out of the cake and made the above face. The cake was amazing, little ones just aren’t use to the taste. But it always happens, the end is near and they get tired. No more play time. They are done.

Bentleys-Cake-Smash-5Hope you enjoyed those pics and now you have an idea of what to expect at a cake smash shoot. Thanks Bentley for being an awesome model!


4 thoughts on “Cake Smash Photoshoot // Bentley’s 1st Birthday

  1. This is so sweet and precious! Happy Birthday Bentley! You are so adorable.
    The photos are amazing, and that tie.. omg! Too much cuteness!

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