Another year…

Design icon Bri Emery, from Design Love Fest, posted an image of her wearing a Superwoman costume when she was little and I was totally like, “I had the same costume!” But when I finally found the image I was looking for, it wasn’t a Superwoman costume, it was a Wonder Woman costume. haha My memory is already failing me. Anyways, so today is my birthday and I thought I’d share some pictures of my Halloween costumes when I was little. Mainly because they are funny, my best friend Bre is with me and because all my birthdays ended up having a Halloween theme. I mean who wouldn’t want a Halloween Birthday party every year!

ps. Incase you were wondering, I was a bee in the second image and I think I was Bashful Heart Carebear in the third image.

photography by my talented father. who never stopped taking photos…ever.
thank you to my mother for designing these costumes!


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