Over the weekend I…

This post is tad late since I did all of this cool vintage shopping last weekend. I had such a great weekend hitting up the rummage sales with my sister and going to the Junction Flea with my friend Shevon. I found a bunch of cute things at the Junction. Check out that vibrant 1950s(ish) desk light. I found the perfect spot on my bedroom night table. The colour is perfect and for $5 you can’t go wrong. The enamel “E” and “D” had my name written all over it, quite literally. It’s funny because I have been looking for placemats and when I saw those old school children’s chalkboards, I knew they would be perfect. Now I can tell my husband exactly what I want, cause you know I ain’t cookin’! Just kidding, I cook…sometimes. Finally I found some old stamps. I can’t resist an 8, since that’s my lucky number. If you want to check out the Junction Flea, make sure you stop by for there next show this November. You won’t want to miss out on all the great treasures. It will take place at The Great Hall. Their new indoor location.

photography + designs by everyday deelights


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