Over the weekend I…

Made two apple pies, had turkey, went on a walk through the forest, spent time with my family and went horseback riding. It was awesome! We closed up the cottage over the weekend, so it was bittersweet. I hate closing the cottage when it’s so beautiful up there, but we still plan on going up and staying with family. It just gets to cold to stay in our little cabin.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I’m kind of sad it’s over. It always goes by way to fast. At least I have my birthday to look forward to and a girls weekend in Collingwood coming up. Here are some pics I took over the weekend!


3 thoughts on “Over the weekend I…

  1. i just found your blog from designlovefest. ahh so cute and reminds me of bri’s.. who’s i’m totally obsessed with. i don’t have a blog yet, but you guys are super inspiring to get me started! keep blogging pretty thoughts 🙂

    • hey there charlotte! thanks for the kind words. yes, bri and i have a similar aesthetic, just anther reason why we work so well together! you should definitely start a blog. they are a lot of work, but a lot more fun!

      • i definitely want to, just trying to get my brand together first. thanks for the response! have a happy monday 🙂 – from your fellow torontonian

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