Weekend Recap

Bought a car! A Fiat to be exact! The Fiat is really cute and drives really well. I needed something that would allow me to commute to and from work. So I will mainly use it for city driving. I live on the outskirts of Toronto, but I commute downtown everyday. It can be really crazy driving to work some days and it’s a lot of money on gas. I tried taking the Go Train a few times, but I end up spending an extra hour commuting, because of train schedules etc. Not fun. So that’s why I got my new little car. I will be saving lots of money on gas, instead of driving my large SUV everyday. I will be taking more pics of the car once I take possession, but here’s a little sneak peak.

I also had a pretty awesome Friday leading up to my weekend. My company took our team to Steam Whistle Brewery and Toronto Island, for an end of summer outing. We had such a great time riding our bikes to the brewery and taking the tour. It was only a half hour and totally worth it if you are ever in Toronto. We had some drinks there and then took a water taxi over to Toronto Island. There we went for lunch at the Refectory Cafe and biked around the island. Finally we headed back to the hustle and bustle of the city and I went on over to a friends dinner party. She made ice cream cookies for dessert! Yum! I bought my car Saturday and Sunday consisted of buying some wardrobe and closet organizers (I know boring) but much needed. Finally, I went over to my in-laws house on the farm. That was a lovely way to celebrate the end of the weekend. Relaxing by the barn and taking some pictures of the sunset. Lucky me!


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