Costa Rica Recap

Here are some pics I took of my trip to Costa Rica. I landed in San José and met up with my husband on his tour. They took me out for an authentic Costa Rican dinner in the hills of San José. We had a beautiful view of the city…when the clouds lifted. There were fireworks in the distance and the mooing sound of a seriously persistent cow.

On my second day we woke up super early and got on a tiny plane that took us to Papagayo, on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. We stayed at the lovely Occidental Grand Papagayo and traveled around the area taking a boat tour and also tried zip lining in the rainforest.

My favorite place we visited was Tamarindo. It was recommend to me by family and friends and I am so glad that the husband and I rented a car for the day and headed there. The beach was amazing, full of surfers, cool shops and awesome restaurants. Definitely has more of that low key, surfer vibe. It was a very relaxing day on the beach, complete with body surfing and sunburns. (ps. make sure you wear a ton of sunscreen) I got sooooo burnt.

The animal life was also really neat. I saw some animals I’ve never seen before and tons of cute howler monkeys…which completely freaked my husband out! ha

All in all it was a relaxing trip and I got to spend down time with the hubby. I really loved it there and we only had great weather. The whole time it was hot and sunny, even though it was their rainy season. Can’t wait for the next adventure!


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