colour, sequins, BLOGSHOP oh my!

Here’s a review on my weekend as head intern for Blogshop Toronto.

You all know how much I adore Bri Emery and Angela Kohler from Blogshop. They are super talented, smart and savy business women. They love teaching others how to get the most out of their blog and how to be successful bloggers. As a former student of Blogshop Chicago, I learned a ton from these women. They really are the real deal. Brains and beauty. They know how to be successful and they work hard for it. I can’t express how much of an impact that they’ve had on my work life. They’ve influenced the clients I choose to work with, the work I put out and most of all I’m learning how to say “no” to the things that I don’t love and that get in the way. That’s a tough one folks…

I picked Bri and Angela up from the airport on Friday night and we were up super early on Saturday morning getting ready for Blogshop. We set up shop at Light X Heavy. A trendy little creative studio, in the Liberty Village area of Toronto. The students were great! Everyone was so friendly and just so happy to be there. We had students from all over, join the Blogshop gang.

I went out with the girls on Saturday night and showed them a little bit of Toronto, in only a few hours. That was a fun night. Still laugh thinking about it. On day two, we took our lunch to the park and had a picnic. The students got their pictures taken the day before and got to play with them on the second day. It was a jam packed two day course of pure photoshop and blogging skills.

So if your on the fence about joining Blogshop, just DO IT! Next is the video course for me!

AND check out those cool goodies the students got! Lovin’ that heart tote, the Shevon + Nacho heart pin, the Snap + Tumble letterpress postcard, the Sorrelli earrings and that cute Gus + Abby print! Gosh we had nice vendors!

At the end of Blogshop my friend, the talented illustrator Lisa Nishimura from Sketch and Pixel, gave the whole class these cute illustrations as a reminder of our time at Blogshop! Such a great idea Lisa!


4 thoughts on “colour, sequins, BLOGSHOP oh my!


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  3. Thanks so much for all your hard work Danielle! It was really nice (briefly) meeting you and hearing a bit about your travels… Hopefully we’ll meet again sometime soon! xo Shar

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