I want. I need. // 1

As if I NEED anything. I have tons of clothes, tons of stuff and tons of love. I really don’t need a thing! Buy hey, I work in the advertising industry for crying out loud. I get to see cool things all day. I guess that’s where the “want” part comes in. haha

Here’s a recent I want, I need list that I designed.

I might have to try and make that potpourri pyramid in pottery class, cause I am seriously having dreams about how awesome it is. That leather clutch would look great dressed up, or down. For that price it’s a total steal! That ring has been on my wishlist for the last two years…it’s just too pricey for me. Whatevs, might still get it…someday. The geometric shapes and colours on that little box are fun. If you have some cute containers lying around, it could be a cool craft! I live in flats, since I’m 5’11, heels are usually out of the question. Really diggin’ the minty green flats from Zara. If you haven’t heard of Ban.do then you must go and check out their cute accessories. Really great pieces that will bring a sparkle to your outfits.


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