Peace All Around…

It was close to our annual Christmas card meeting regroup of the year…when I had the idea of creating a viral Christmas card and sending it along to our family, friends and clients. My plan was to send them something that related to where our company was located, in the beaches of Toronto, involve everyone in the agency and send a message of peace.

Let me tell you, it took a lot of planning. Weekends in cold weather finding rocks and sticks, a bunch of freezing co-workers, but a lot of passion, confidence and creativity. Oh and did I mention that I had foot surgery while all of this was taking place! So a big thanks to my husband for all his help carrying props for me and to all my co-workers who woke up super early to film this.

Here is what my team and I over at Top Drawer Creative created for you.
Enjoy the video here.

Here’s some pics while on set, or look over here. It was a very peaceful sunrise.

Peace all around…


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