The Graveyard Shift

It’s here! The Graveyard Shift, from my fall photo shoot session in the woods. Click here to view all the photos on my flickr site. I also have another new shoot called, Down By The River. Check it out here.

Graveyard Shift_2

I had a great time on this shoot and finally got to shoot my cousin, who is stunning! I love love love her auburn hair!

Graveyard Shift_1

Down By The River

So much has happened since my last post that I can barely remember. I was asked to shoot a jewelry line for, Covet Originals, by Andrea Brent. Andrea’s jewelry designs are beautiful and one-of-a-kind. She truly is an amazing designer. I can’t wait to work with her. Check out Covet Originals here.

I hope to get my new pottery up here soon and I am currently working on a bunch of Christmas gifts. (I can’t say what they are yet…but hopefully they will turn out). I’ll show you them after Christmas.

Life is a little overwhelming for me at the moment with work, freelance, blogging (sort of), photography, pottery, guitar, yoga and friends! I’m just trying to stay focused and enjoy everything that I’m doing. Life is to short to hold off on the things you love. Maybe I’ve gone a little overboard with activities, but I think it’s what keeps me creative.

I went to see two great bands the other night called, The Rising Hedons and Faye Blais. The two artists put on a show together at, The Cameron House and it was amazing! I now have a few new albums to listen to. I absolutely love Faye’s voice. She’s sounds so unique.

Well have a deelightful week everyone. Hope you all enjoy the pics.

xoxo dee


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