Autumn Feeling

Well hello there, it’s been a while! I’m glad to say that I have been having a fabulous fall. I have been apple picking, vintage shopping, working on my NEW COTTAGE, celebrated Thanksgiving, went to DOMINICAN for a wedding, started guitar lessons and had tons of photo shoots! So here’s the scoop. Since my last entry, I got a cottage and have been busy working away with ideas and demolition…my husband and I spent the long weekend (Thanksgiving weekend) up north tearing apart our little 3 bedroom cottage. Well at least he was doing the tearing apart and I as having a wonderful photo shoot at a nearby graveyard. Spooky! Those pics to come soon. Just in time for Halloween. 😉

I also got to go apple picking, a yearly ritual I have with my mom and my sister. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to make it this year, but that didn’t stop me! I took Cashew, my dog and we had a great time. We went to Windreach Farm, a charity farm located in Ashburn right off of Lakeridge Rd. and nestled in a rolling countryside near the slopes of the Great Pine Ridge. You can check out the pics of the farm I took and my lovely bushel of Northern Spy apples…so yummy. They make a deelightful apple pie. Click here to view pics.

I started taking guitar lessons which has always been a dream of mine. How do I have the time you ask? I have none, but seriously I have come to learn that I just love filling my life with creative and fun things and so for now I am happy with the chaos. Sorry husband!

I also took some shots of our little cottage and I can’t wait for the spring, so we can renovate and start using it to make great memories…like playing the guitar around the fire! ha Click here to view our little cottage.

Finally, I was fortunate enough to be able to go on a little vacation to the Dominican, for a good friends wedding. We all had an amazing time down south and I got some great shots of the ceremony. Those to come as well.

That’s all for now folks. Graveyard photo shoot pics to come next. Stay tuned and have a lovely autumn.


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