Crocs, Docks, Wool Socks, and A Red Canoe

What better way to spend time with the ones you love, in crocs, on a dock, with wool socks, and a red canoe… My husband and I spent the weekend away to celebrate our belated second anniversary. We stayed at a cabin in the Haliburton’s, in a small area called Irondale. The cabin and surrounding area was the perfect weekend getaway. It was great to get back to Mother Nature and spend some time together. We spent all our time relaxing on the dock and swimming with our Golden Doodle, Cashew. The canoe rides were tranquil and the full moon was beautiful. It’s funny how being around the tree’s and fresh air give you that needed energy to take on a new week. Well, I am going to really need that energy to get through this week. Although it’s a short one for me, I have a wedding up north, our friends/families annual LD weekend, antiquing, oh and this thing called WORK!

Here’s a little taste of Mother Nature, enjoy! Click here to view photos on Flickr.


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