I’m All Washed Up!

Okay, well not really…but I sure am tired! It’s been a long few weeks and I finally have some time to write. My husband may have left me to go on vacation, but I have kept myself quite busy! I had a visit with my wonderful friend Allison, who has been inspired by the ocean shoreline and has begun designing a beautiful line of jewellery that she calls, “All Washed Up.” She uses some found objects along the shore, such as feathers and stones, as well as gems she picked herself! Much of her inspiration comes from her recent trip to Newfoundland and her connection to nature. Guess who got her very own necklace…me! Here is my very own All Washed Up necklace. It has a beautiful Fluorite stone, encased in a twisted weave of wire.

Thanks for being a huge inspiration in my life Al Gal and for encouraging me to start this blog!

I also had the wonderful opportunity to visit two elephants earlier this summer, when I was already practicing for my EDee Photo Challenge, so I couldn’t help but post this photo as my 2nd EDee Photo Challenge shot. For those of you who don’t already know this. I LOVE elephants. I believe they are the most intelligent animals. You can look into a elephants eye and it feels like they could tell you a million stories. Enjoy!

I was busy this weekend on a mini photo shoot with my sister. We had a great time and I can’t wait to show you some of our shots. Stay tuned… xoxo dee


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